Lulu natural rubber ball now in stock – BPA & PVC free!


The Lulu ball by Mushroom & co is now in stock at Babipur.   This lovely toy is 100% natural and made out of rubber from the Hevea tree – All Mushroom & Co products are safe, non toxic,  BPA & PVC free.  Babies will love to explore the raised pictures of animals, plants and trees around the outside which are all hand painted in bright colours using edible food grade paints and are designed to stimulate your baby’s senses.  Babies will love squishing, squeezing and rolling it about, and some teething babies will even find comfort in trying to stick it in their mouths and chewing on it!

Suitable from birth, this ball is a simple toy that’s great for stimulating your baby’s motor skills.  We think this ball would make an excellent Easter present for baby this year!

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