Llun Dydd Llun – Wild Child.

DW gets wild in the woods.

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6 Responses

  1. Moobug says:

    Very cute! What paints do you use? We use Snazaroo on our toddler.

  2. Jo says:

    Thanks for this picture Cat, we love it! We’d be interested to hear which paints you use too.. we’d like to get some in stock, maybe some natural ones by Lyra? Have you tried them? Jo

  3. Cat says:

    I’m afraid I can’t claim to have painted this beauty, a lovely National Trust lady did it. I’d love to have a go at face painting now hat DW’s getting older and would love to invest in some paints. He does sometimes suffer from Eczema though, are either of the brands you suggested Hypoallergenic?xxxx

  4. Moobug says:

    My son has awful eczema. When he was a baby he spent around six months looking like his face was just one big scab 🙁

    Snazaroo is water-based and we found a useful trick was to moisturise Leo’s face in his usual eczema-safe moisturiser, give it five minutes to soak in, and then paint over the top of it. He’s never been irritated by it!

    We use the same trick when we paint our faces for fancy dress, as it washes off more easily at the end of the night and it stops some of the more ‘stainy’ colours from hanging around (if you don’t moisturise, green and red can stay a little yellow on dry skin if you don’t have a good long soak in the bath!!).

  5. Rid says:

    Agreed, Snaz is best and the moisturising trick is great. If you use a moisturiser on a kid anyway, Eczema or not, it just makes it easier to get off later

  6. Cat says:

    Good tips, thanks guys! I’ll hunt out the Snaz and get practicing.

    Moobug, I’m with you on the scab face. Thankfully DW’s is looking better since I cut down the dairy in his diet.

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