Little things that make you Smile

Child's drawing of fox

A few weeks back the Babi Pur buying crew (that’ll be Jo and I) headed down to the big smoke to the Bubble London kids fashion trade show along with our two daughters, Harriet and Isabelle.  Due to train times and having two kids in tow we tend to rush around the show like stampeding wildebeests fuelled by coffee and cakes in a desperate attempt to see everything.  So when a nice lady asked if the kids wanted to draw a picture to enter a competition I took the opportunity to stop for a minute while Jo rushed off to another stand. Just a few minutes later wooosh we were gone again, zipping about before we had to leave and catch our train and the little pause in our day was quickly forgotten.

Then a few days ago we got a phone call to say that Harriet’s picture had won the competition and will be made into a real 3D “stuffyourdoodle” by Scottish company Lucy Moose.  They turn doodles and kids drawings into fabric keepsakes, completely personalised and unique to you. We can’t wait to see Harriet’s drawing of a fox come alive, we will post up some pictures when it’s done.

Anyways, just thought I’d share this little story with you because it put a massive smile on our faces here in the office today 🙂

Lucy moose



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