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Fair Trade Clothes

Little Green Radicals baby and children’s clothing is all about fun, colour and slogans.  ‘I recycle my tantrums’ and ‘give peas a change’ are just two of many popular catchphrases printed on T-shirts, playsuits, bibs and hoodies (coming soon).  Everything is exclusively made with Fairtrade certified cotton ensuring the farmers right at the bottom of the chain receive a fair deal for their crop and an extra premium to use on projects to help their local communities.  Not only this but everything is also made from organic cotton. . .

Growing organic cotton is very different from growing conventional cotton. All the cotton we use is hand-picked and organic. This ensures the farmers don’t have to handle dangerous chemicals and our clothing is kinder on your skin. The  cotton is certified organic to either Skal or Demeter standards. Since May 2006 all our prints have been produced using the most ecological water based inks available.

The company ‘Hug’ has recently been acquired by a giant of the ethical industry ‘ethical superstore’. So with all these fantastic ethics, clothes and new financial backing we expect great things from ‘Little Green Radicals’ .  Look out for the latest baby and toddler range at Babi Pur


I'm Pete. Co-founder of Babipur, the ethical retailer of goods for all the family established 2007. When I'm not talking about wooden toys, inequality in supply chains and reusable lifestyle products you'll find me riding my bike, paddling my board or lost in the mountains of Snowdonia.

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