Itti Bitti Wet Bags – Mamma McCann’s Diary of Cloth!

When I saw a zip lock wet bag featured on Babi Pur I just had to see how different they were from the tote bags and ordered two.

Slightly more expensive I was excited to see the difference they could make to our dirty nappy storage and I was impressed.

When they arrived the outer material was really soft, the inner waterproof. I ordered the tiger and cow print, both fun and eye catching.

These wet bags are great. The zip locked means the smell is kept in and easy to open and close. They are easy to wash and stay soft on the outside. They fold up well for transport in a change bag or buggy basket.

I am really impressed and it is worth the few extra £££’S to have something that looks great but also excels in the practical neccessities too.

Chelle McCann

I am married to Gav and mummy of a gorgeous girl who arrived 11 days late in December 2009. I started blogging in 2009 when I was 17 weeks pregnant after becoming frustrated reading pregnancy books and wanting something a bit more open and honest. I started to write for a local newspaper and loved being able to share all things mummy, wife and life related, sometimes whingeing but positive also! I love music and reading but am currently immersed in anything baby related. I love my life!

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