Introducing the Early Rider Spherovelo

Early Rider Spherovelo

The Early Rider Spherovelo is here.  Sometimes a product comes along that’s a little bit special, one that without a doubt we would buy for our own children, the Spherovelo most definitely is one of them.  Designed for children as young as 9 months this is the perfect introduction to riding, balancing, zooming about and generally having fun.

So we know it looks cool and we know it’s a ride on toy for babies but what makes it so special?  The Spherovelo is a kind of hybrid bike designed for young children, instead of wheels it has spheres hence the name sphero – velo (velo meaning bike).  This means the ‘bike’ tips and relocates creating trail, rather than falling over, allowing a very young child to control and ride it.  Your child can lean into corners, balancing just like when on a bike whilst their feet are never far away from the floor so they learn and build confidence in their own time.

The Spherovelo also has removable casters, one on each side, which add complete upright stability which means babies as young as 9 months can sit on it and start pushing themselves around. When your child is ready, just remove the casters to make it “unstable”.

3 years in the making by British based company Early Rider, who pioneered some of the first balance bikes, they have created something truly innovative that helps develop children’s motor and balance skills and most importantly it looks like incredibly good fun to ride!

The Spherovelo is available to order now at Babi Pur at £69.00.  A superb present for 1 and 2 year olds.  The phrase “must have” is over used but this really is a “must have”

[youtube vbwqBlyycNs]


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