In Canada We Say Diapers, not ‘Nappies’!

My name’s Kimberly and I’ve come from Canada to spend 6 weeks in Britain with family while I have time before University. As everyone knows, the flights have been cancelled due to the volcanic ash and although my schedule changed dramtically, I’ve had the opportunity to stay with my cousin Peter and his family in Wales. Knowing little about the shop the they started up I was delighted to visit it and spend a day doing odd jobs and taking pictures. I was surprised by all the clothes, toys and body products that they had got their hands on! Going up to the office it was packed full of boxes marked from different countries, all filled with fair trade and/or organic products. I listened as they answered multiple questions about baby ‘nappies’; I watched as they packed boxes they packed for the ‘post’; I ate a ‘packed lunch’ when 12:00 came and I visited their widely used website and blog. The British slang and Welsh that I’ve learned are still foreign to me, but I am trying!

This is my 3rd day in Wales, after an adventurous train ride from Manchester. I’ve got lost several times walking into the core of the little town, which I’m sure Peter doesn’t know is possibe. I managed to circle around near the train station in Porthmadog several times before recognizing the right way. I didn’t know what to expect when I was on my way to Wales, but I must say- I. am. impressed! It’s beautiful here! There are mountains all around, the sea, and a slightly touristy but friendly orriented local community. Although when someone talks to me in the street with such a heavy accent, I’m not sure if it’s Welsh or English, so I just nod and say ‘Hiya!’. I come from Guelph, Ontario which is near Toronto and we don’t have moutains near there unfortunately. I’ve been madly taking pictures as the clouds open up and shine down on the side of the mountains hoping to capture what I see. We plan to take a trip up Snowdon soon, and down to the beach which would be exciting! I’ve been eating at a couple lovely local pubs, as well as checking out some of the shops. Everyone really does seem to know everyone else! I’ve been trying to figure out what this town reminds me of, and I think it’s a couple of things. Definitely British Columbia’s mountains way out west in Canada, as well as a town I visit in the summer by Georgain Bay. I’ve been really happy the atmosphere here.

Today I helped pack some boxes to be mailed off that are odered online, and I watched as more boxes of stock continued come in. I took pictures of the inside of the shop, of Jo, of Amber, and the outside of the shop. I even would go across the street or crouch on the floor to try to get a good angle. They’ve got a really cool new camera that was a challenge for me, and huge photography lights in the upstairs. I can tell some new pictures are to come!

Fair trade and organic:

I have to say I am a big supporter of organic and ethically produced materials. Wether it’s being eaten, worn, or played with I beleive we should be aware of the prodction of the things we own. The chemicals that we don’t realize go into many of these things can be really scary! Especially for items your giving to your growing, learning new born! It’s made me see that the cost of fair trade clothing and organic body products isn’t that much more than what I would regularly pay, and what your paying for is quality. Fair trade is important to me as I don’t want to pay cheap, cheap prices for the unfair work of someone else. Being fairly young and having an open future, I can’t image supporting the work of someone my age or younger who are in unethical conditions. I’ve read Free the Children, which is popluar in Canada, and it really helped me see new things about unfair labour.

So, I was not only pleased the little shop which has a calm, quiet vibe but also of the website’s success. The advertising that I’ve seen is just so catchy because any picture of a baby is hard to resist! I hope in at least 5 years they’re still going so I can order online from Canada when I have kids.

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4 Responses

  1. Rick Hobbs says:

    Hiya Kim!
    Nice blog. I have never thought much about Wales, but it sounds like a nice place to visit.
    Just one question ….. you’re having babies in 5 years? Does your Mom know about this?

    Have a good time,
    Uncle Rick

  2. Edna Hobbs says:

    That’s right Uncle Rick, she’ll be graduated from univeristy by then and moving on to new challenges. Besides, your kids and my kids don’t seem to be producing anything so we’re dependent on Sue to take care of the family lineage…way to go, Kim! I’ll buy you some washable diapers!;)

  3. Edna Hobbs says:

    (Happy birthday/ happy EARTH DAY!!)

  4. Ros says:

    Glad you likes Wales Kim. And I have a friend who did her uni finals 5 weeks before giving birth to her first baby so definitely possible!

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