Hape Toys Musical Instruments

Hape Musical Toys

Hape toys make a wide range of awesome, good quality musical instruments and we have two great new additions to the collection here at Babi Pur – the Happy Harp and Rock & Roll Rhythm Band both made from safe and natural materials.
Getting your children involved in music has many benefits as all children are born musical with natural abilities to respond well to music. Playing a musical instrument and developing musical abilities also benefits language development, social skills and can lead to a higher IQ. It also works as a great confidence builder and will develop gross a fine motor skills. And we think these lovely Hape Toys musical instruments are a great introduction for your future musicians.

Hape Happy Harp

We were totally impressed with this when it arrived and provided us with some entertainment! Not only can you learn to play short pieces of music with the sheet music provided, it also provides you with blank sheet music so you can compose your own tune once you’ve built up you confidence and knowledge. You’ll also teach to tune the instrument with the tuning key and instructions provided.
A fantastic item at the great price of £29.99 that is sure to keep not just the children happy.

Rock & Rhythm Band
rock & rhythm t

Another brilliant instrument! With drums, cymbals and rhythm makers, use your imagination to compose a cool new beat and rhythm and put shows on for you friends and family. At a great value of £29.99 you’ll be the next Ringo Star before you know it! Check out the cool video below.

[youtube 33oenf5X9Bw]

We have a wide range of musical instruments here at Babi Pur that keeps on growing! Head over the the website and take a look!

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