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Hape Toys at Babi Pur


Wooden Toys for Christmas from Hape 

Hape Toys create a host of amazing wooden toys, blocks, stackers, shape sorters, marble runs, dolls houses, vehicles, puzzles, push alongs, walkers, musical instruments, clutching toys, tools, play kitchens and lots lots more!

Hape Toys look fantastic, so colourful and well designed, their toys are made to be fun and stimulating for babies and children.  Safe and natural materials are used, FSC wood, water based and non-toxic paints.

“Our toys are created to inspire play, learning, and exploration of the world we live in; through responsible business practices we aspire to leave the world in a better condition than when we received it.”

The best things about Hape Toys

  • Fun, colourful and appealing to children
  • Great for learning and encouraging development through play
  • Durable FSC wooden construction
  • Clever designs
  • Safe non-toxic materials & paints
  • Fantastic value
  • Award winning

Our pic of some of the best Hape Toys this year at Babi Pur

Hape wooden toys for ages 3 and over

Hape Gourmet Kitchen  A great wooden play kitchen for children with cooker, storage cupboard, utensil rack, hob and sink.  Available in white or green.  The Gourmet starter kitchen set is a perfect accompaniment which includes pots pans and utensils.  There’s lots more to choose from in the Hape kitchen range too.

Hape gourmet kitchen  Hape gourmet starter set


Hape All Season Dolls House A wooden dolls house complete with a range of furniture and beautifully decorated.  We love the way children can reach in from all sides allowing lots of children to play at the same time.  There’s some eco features too like the solar panels on the roof.  Hape dolls house range also includes a family car, lots of dolls people and some nice additions like the pets and the playground.

All season house all seasons hape


Quadrilla Marble Runs Brilliant marble runs with a incredible range of pieces that do all sorts of crazy things.  Musical, spinning, boosting.  Loads of fun for children and challenging too.  Quadrilla marble runs differ from most other brands in that they remain stable once built due to the slotting design of the pieces.   Choose from a range of designs to suit your budget.  Our kids love playing with their marble runs, we’ve had many years use out of them.  We love the freedom and creative that marble runs allow.

loop de loop marble run music motion


Hape wooden toys for under 3s 

Pound & Tap Bench A pounding toy and a xylophone in one, such a great idea.  Babies just love to hammer things and when they succeed in hammering the balls through the holes they are rewarded with some musical magic as the ball rolls over the xylophone notes. The xylophone can later be removed and played on it’s own.  There’s a fab range of musical toys from Hape including this Little Drummer, check out our complete range of wooden musical toys here.

Pound & Tape Bench Hape Little drummer


Pull Along Snail This clever shape sorter is also a fun pull along toy with a rotating shell.  Take the shell off and use babies can enjoy playing with it as a shape sorter.  Put the shell back on and it turns around when pulled making the shapes inside clatter about. Bright and colourful with a cherry face, this snail is sure to become a favourite.   Check out our entire push and pull range of toys here

Hape snail shape sorter Hape pull along snail


Discovery Box five sides of activity with a bead maze, mini abacus and more for young children to play with.  Hape also make a range of bead maze toys ranging from just £10 for the spring a ling up to this giant ocean play table 

Hape discovery box  ocean play table


You can view the entire Hape range here at Babi Pur .

Originally founded Germany Hape now produce their toys in China whilst still retaining high eco standards and ethics.  This combination makes Hape Wooden Toys fantastic value.   This year Hape toys have been awarded a number of prestigious Oppenheim Toy Portfolio awards, a panel of experts and child testers gave Hape the highest ratings based on quality and design and commented that the toys were fun and engaging.

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