Hape Dolls Houses

Did you know that the oldest known examples of dolls houses were excavated from Egyptian tombs and are thought to be over 5,000 years old? However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that dolls houses were used at playtime for children, but despite being a trend adopted over 200 years ago they are still a very popular toy today.

There are great educational benefits to playing with dolls houses because they engage children in imaginary play which is great for their social, emotional and intellectual skills, as they invent stories, tales and whole imaginary worlds for their dolls house characters. Dolls houses also encourage pretend dialogue and role-play, which are key factors in learning speech and language skills. And what’s more, role-play and imaginary play help children learn self-confidence and a strong sense of self-identity.

We’ve got a fantastic selection of dolls houses and accessories here at Babi Pur, and we’re really excited about the latest addition to our dolls house family – the gorgeous Hape DIY Dream House.

Hape DIY Dolls House

This Hape dolls house is a brilliant modern take on a traditional toy, with a bright and funky coloured house laid out over three floors. The Hape DIY Dream house is really clever because all the accessories and furniture are magnetic, which means children can move everything around the lovely house easily but without accidentally knocking or wobbling over furniture in other rooms.

Happe DIY 2

There are also some brilliant empty wall-frames so that kids can create their own unique artwork to decorate their house.

DIY Dream House 4

And of course, because it’s all made by inventive toy-maker Hape, there are some great characters to go with this lovely Hape dolls house. There an adorable set of modern family figurines, featuring all the characters from a funky modern family – grandparents, mum, dad and three mischievous kids. They are available to buy as a set, or individually. And they are so cute that they make a great toy on their own, without the dolls house.


And all Hape toys are made from sustainably sourced wood and are created with non-toxic paint and lots of love, so they’re great for your children and for the environment too.

So, inspire your children to let their imaginations run free and unleash their inner story-teller. They’ll have a brilliant time playing and role-playing with the lovely Hape DIY Dream House. Available now at Babi Pur.




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