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Hana Swaddle Pod review by Emma

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The Hana Swaddle Pod offers a simple and convenient way to swaddle your baby with the added benefits of bamboo fabric.  Recently added to the Babi Pur range of Muslin swaddles and blankets the Swaddle Pod is already proving popular.  Emma and her 5 week old baby have kindly tested it out for us a written this great review.


Emma writes

Like a lot of babies, mine (5 weeks) can’t sleep unless he’s tightly swaddled. I had two problems: the heat, and the fact that he seems to be a mini Houdini – however I did it he would still manage to wriggle at least one arm out, sometimes within less than a minute! So I was looking for another way…and I found it!! The Hana baby swaddle is very lightweight and soooo silky, stretchy and soft! On hot nights you can either have baby naked underneath, or dress him in a vest (which is what I’ve been mostly doing, and a sleepsuit on cooler nights. If it feels too cold I’ve laid a muslin over his tummy and legs. It is so easy to get on and off and there’s a 2-way zip so in the night for nappy changes you just unzip at the bottom, pop the legs and bottom out then put them back in after! It fits really well on his body and as it’s so stretchy he can still move his arms within it (and they always end up crossed high on his chest), although it does seem to come very high on his neck but it doesn’t seem to bother him. We use cloth nappies and it still fits perfectly over them (they are bulkier than disposables). It is so brilliant that I wouldn’t be without it, so after he was sick on it one night I decided I MUST get another so that if there are any accidents in one we still have one for him to wear. Luckily they dry very quickly. This would probably be my new number 1 present to buy for a new mother!

Love this so much I bought an extra! 

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