Haba & Quadrilla Marble Runs at Babi Pur

quadrilla marble runs

We love marble runs at Babi Pur, they really capture kids attention and the sense of achievement when it’s all up and working is brilliant.  We stock two brands that make high quality wooden marble runs, Haba and Quadrilla by Hape.

Quadrilla Marble runs are made up of wooden blocks that determine the direction of the marbles as they drop through, flat tracks and various extra features.  It’s a clever system where the blocks and tracks slot together which results in a very sturdy construction once built.  Prices start at just £43.99 for the Quadrilla roundabout which is great value and comes with enough pieces for a decent sized run as well as a big spiral centre piece.  Check out the Quadrilla video for a little demo

[youtube hyzPZxmMRjg]

Haba Wooden Marble runs are made in Germany and are really quite stunning.  Beautifully finished European beech wood and some really unusual and captivating sections.  The musical pieces really stand out as being something quite special.  The Haba sounds starter set is a large run in it’s own right and incorporates tubular bells, musical zig zag, a xylophone and a drum.  I guess if you were really clever you could make a little tune as the marbles run along, you might need some more notes though.

To view all our Marble runs visit the marble run section on our website here.   Our kids love getting their marble runs out and we’ve had lots of use from them.  Amazing quality toys that will last a lifetime,  a lovely toy to keep hold of and pass onto the next generation.
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