Haba My First Ball Track – Wooden Marble Runs

Haba my first ball track

Imagine you’re just 18 months old, life’s all about exploration, learning and discovering new things every day.  You love playing with blocks and building things but you can’t play with a marble run because they’re not suitable for litte ones under 3 Boooooo!  The marbles are a choking hazard and the box has that little red sign on with a sad face.  Well the clever people at Haba in Germany have come up with an amazing range of chunky toddler friendly wooden marble runs suitable for babies from just 18 months called the Haba My First Ball Track 

What makes the My First Ball Track range suitable for younger children

  • Big chunky pieces that are more suited to little ones including a larger ball that’s safe for under 3s
  • The connecting blocks have pegs that lock onto the track making it more stable
  • Special effect balls that sparkle, jingle and rattle down the track
  • A complete track can be built quickly and easily

Haba my first ball track features

From a very young age toddlers can build their very own marble run and enjoy rolling the balls down the track.  It’s great fun to do and there’s loads of benefits to early years development as well.  At first they’ll need a bit of help from mum or dad but when you’re so little you still measure your age in months and you can complete your very first track the sense of achievement is pretty epic and they’ll be rolling balls down it for the rest of the day.   Motor skills, problem solving, patience, hand eye co-ordination it’s all in there and it’s all part of the fun.

Haba My First Ball Track comes in a variety of sets that each have their own special features

Haba my first ball track starterBasic pack, this is a lovely set that curves around and makes a bell ding at the end  My first ball track soundsSounds, the ball bonces over the metallophone and through the sound tubes
 my first ball track large trackLarge pack, a large pack with lots of track pieces and some dominoes at the end  My first ball track chatter trackChatter track, a chattering vibration followed by the ring of a bell and then a ding at the end
 my first ball track mirror marvelMirror marvel, through the tunnel, around the bend, through the archway and onto the magical mirror block


Haba My First Ball Track is made for little builders, it inspires confidence and encourages children to move onto more challenging structures. Most importantly it’s bloomin good fun, we’ve enjoyed having a bit of a play here in the Babipur office too!



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