Gwerin y Coed, the Woodcraft Folk in Wales

Having worked for a year and a half for Gwerin y Coed, the Woodcraft Folk in Wales, I’ve finaly realised my dream of getting a group together in Penrhyndeudraeth, with the help of other parents and individuals who love to see their kids have fun!

Gwerin y Coed is all about letting children express themselves, learn skills for co-operation instead of competition, respecting our environment and get a feeling of being part of the bigger picture. We explore big ideas through play and fun. Groups can be held for children from 0-20 years old, we’re currently running one for 0-6s and one for 7-12s.

Anyone is welcome to come along and join us. We currently have enough volunteer leaders to run sessions smoothly, so you won’t get dragged into helping – but the more the merrier! ask for a membership form and free CRB check if you’d like to join in with activities.

So far, we’ve had three weeks of varied activities – the little ones making and moulding salt-dough, a trip to an orchard to pick and juice apples for drinking (yummy!) and a trip to llyn Mair where we collected lots of leaves, bark and bits. We’ll be making collages with them this week. Still to come before half term holidays: Bread-making on the 15th and Pumpkin Carving on the 20th.

The older group have been out on expeditions around Penrhyn’s woodlands.

We meet in Penrhyndeudraeth 5.00-6.30 every Wednesday during school term.

call me or email to find out more 07774011403

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