Green Rubber Toys

Did you know that rubber is the new green?

Here at Babi Pur we are delighted to welcome stocks of some fabulous toys by a new supplier to us called Green Rubber Toys.

Green Rubber Toys

These brilliant animal-shaped toys are made of completely natural latex so they contain no ingredients that are harmful to kids, adults or the environment. They are all made by hand in Sri Lanka with latex sourced from the Hevea tree, so they are very special.

Before the advent of modern plastic, rubber was the main material for making toys because it was soft yet tough and durable yet natural. However, for the last half a century, plastic has taken over and this is nearly always bad news for our children and for the planet because it’s an unnatural material and a variety of chemicals usually have to be added to make it pliable, colourful or durable.

The completely natural materials of Green Rubber Toys figurines mean they are a great choice for kids, and the different sets of animals will really spark their imaginations. Kids can zoom back in time to explore the world with pre-historic natural rubber dinosaurs, they can head down to a traditional farm with animals like pigs, sheep and horses or they can get really wild and escape to the jungle to meet elephants, orang-utans and tigers, and if you’ve got a water baby they’ll love the marine set with an adorable dolphin, whale and shark.

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The latex material means they’re soft to the touch and fantastically flexible, unlike the hard plastic dinosaurs and farm animals that are so common in toy shops. Kids can throw them, bounce them, pull them and push them and they won’t lose their shape or hurt anyone or anything they’re thrown at. And, because they are finished with a toxin-free paint, it doesn’t matter if they are chewed or chomped or thrown in the bath – no nasties will escape because there are no nasties in them. They are BPA/PVC and toxin free.

These all natural rubber toys are a great eco alternative to chemical-filled plastic toys and they’ll inspire learning and play, making them a brilliant choice for playschools, nurseries and play groups too.

Green Rubber Toys come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can view our full range here.

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