Christmas Gift Guides 2014 – Toys by age

Age appropriate toys

This handy toy guide will help you find the perfect gift that will be age-appropriate for your child.  Our selection of beautiful, ethically sourced toys for toddlers and young children is bound to bring lots of fun as well as supporting their developmental stages through play.  We’ve hand picked some of our favourite toys that are designed to grow with your children and provide them with months if not years of play.. they’re also great quality and can withstand a bit of bashing and dropping! Read on for great ideas on which toys to buy for your 1 year old, 2 year old, 3 year old and four year old child!  And check out our Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide for ideas of what to get a baby from birth to 12 months.

Toys for 1 year olds

At around 12 months, toddlers are learning to coordinate. They will use their hands to discover and experiment new things, and how they can influence them – “What will happen if I put this here?” or “What happens if I drop this”.  Noisy toys, and push and pull toys are great for this age.  Your child will probably learn to walk this year too, baby walkers and wooden prams are great toys for little ones finding their feet.  Also, your child will probably have their first ever ride on toy this year.. now that’s exciting!

1. Hape Early Melodies Pound & Tap Bench. 12+ months

Gift Ideas Toys

This brilliant toy combines a pounding bench with a xylophone musical toy. Use the hammer to push the balls though to play the note on the xylophone as it rolls. Your little ones will love to discover the different sounds the xylophone makes as the balls drop from the different holes. As your child grows older you can take the xylophone out and play it as a musical instrument. A wonderful 2 in 1 toy.

2. Hape Pull-Along Hedgehog. 12 months +

pull along hedgehog

This cute hedgehog is a favourite of ours here at Babi Pur. Push and Pulling toys encourage your little ones to find their feet and begin to walk. Pull the hedgehog along the floor using the string or roll it around the floor and watch the spikes go round and round as it moves. We have a great selection of pushing and pulling toys at Babi Pur, click here to check them out.

3. Haba Discovery Balls. 12 months +

haba_discovery_balls t

Little ones love kicking, rolling and throwing balls. This set of 4 colourful haba balls have create different sounds and visual effects when rolled that children will just love.

4. Plan Toys Owl Shape Sorter. 12 months +

owl sorter t

This wise owl will encourage your little ones to use their hand-eye coordination to put the colourful shapes through the right holes. They will learn to identify different shapes and colours and a little section on the back will keep all the blocks safe from going missing. What a hoot!

5. Hape Pyramid of Play. 18 months +

pyramid_of_play t

Each 5 nesting box is covered in pictures of animals, numbers, letters and shapes and each box has a hole that fits the different shapes. A great educational toy for developing early problem solving skills as well as colour, number and shape recognition.

6. Spherovelo


This revolutionary ride on toy is a great encouragement to get your little ones pushing themselves around and developing their balance skills. Spheres, not wheels, allow them to roll around in every direction. As your child’s confidence grows you can remove the casters so they can lean into corners and further develop their balancing skills. Available in 4 different colours – Red Spherovelo, Blue Spherovelo, White Spherovelo and Green Spherovelo.

Toys for 2 year olds

At around the age of two your child is full of every, more assertive and increasingly independent!  Ride on toys are great for this age, you child can put her energy into whizing around the house or garden on her own little vehicle.   Your child is also developing her language skills and learning new words daily.

1. Hape Fantasia Block Train

fantasy_train_blocks t

Toddlers will now be able to link the carriages together and with this Fantasia Block train they will be able to stack the colourful blocks on the poles each carriage to create a long and colourful train to push along.

2. Haba Metallophone

haba metallophone

Children love music and sound so this metallophone is perfect. Each note is a different colour and is labelled and comes with simple sheet music so your little one can learn different tunes to play. Check out other musical instruments and toys we have to offer here.

3. Janod Wooden Truck. 18+ months

janod diry truck t

This truck is full of endless fun. With 17 wooden pieces that includes screws, nuts and bolts your toddler will love building this truck by strewing things together and attaching everything before playing. Take it apart and build it back as many times as you like.

4. Mini Train Jigsaw

lanka kade green train jigsaw t

This simple little jigsaw puzzle is a great way for your toddler to achieve little victories. They will love the satisfying feeling of placing the pieces in the right place and slotting them together. We have lots of fun mini jigsaws to choose from at here at Babi Pur, click here to check them out. We love the penguin one!

5. Janod Plane, Rocket and Helicopter. 18+ months

janod heli, rocket


These fabulous plane, rocket and helicopter toys encourage your little one to play and problem solve at the same time. Build and stack the toys with the pieces being held together by magnet.

6. Early Rider Classic 2-5 years

Early_rider_classic t

Let your little one build their confidence and balance on this super cool bike with flame detail. The perfect introduction into riding a bike.

We have lost of cool Early Rider bikes available over on the Babi Pur website, click here to take a look.

Toys for 3 year olds

Children at this age are able to control their physical abilities and love to be active.  Children will be role playing a lot more now, inventing their own little games and copying the adults around them.

1. Plan Toys Tea Set 

PL3604 tea set t

Your children will now have begin to imitate others around them so this tea set is a great toy for your children to use their imaginations and roll play. Great for afternoon tea. Click here to see other great play sets and roll play toys we have at Babi Pur

2. Hape Anywhere Art Studio

hape anywhere art studio t

Take this tabletop easle with you anywhere. With a whiteboard on one side and chalk on the other, this is a brilliant and educational toy for kids to express their creativity and and imagination. It also comes with magnetic shapes and is a perfect toy if you’re short on space.

3. Plan Toys Croquet

croquet t

This old school toy really helps your child further their physical development by learning to aim the ball to go though the hoops. A great toy for your little one to play with a friend or alone and can be played indoors our out. Some other fun family games are skittles, monkey bowling and petanque.

4. Haba Dolls and costumes

dolls and costumes

By this age your little one will be learning how to dress themselves, so a doll with different costumes will teach them what goes where and how to take clothes on and off. We have some lovely Haba dolls here at Babi Pur, click here to check them out.

5. Haba Small Optics Workshop

haba small optics t

With 5 different visually stimulating toys for your child to look through and discover different shapes and colours and is also so much fun.

We have lots of family games and activity toys, head over to Babi Pur to check them out.

6. Hape Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen

cook n serve kitchen t

Including a sink, two hobs an oven and handy hooks to tidily store those kitchen essential, let your child’s imagination run wild in this awesome kitchen. With a pull out counter for extra work space and a chalk board to display the menu your little ones will be entertained for hours. Add other popular Hape items to complete the kitchen with the special multibuy offer. Choose from – Chefs Choice, Starter Set, Toaster, Garden Salad, Healthy Salad and a Fridge.

Toys for 4 Year Olds

Here’s a selection of toys that are great for children from around 4-6 years old.  The toys we have chosen may take a bit of practice, tying a shoelace, balancing items and using tools too!

1. Hape Lacing Skates. 3 years +

lacing skates t

These fun and colourful roller skates are a great way to teach and encourage your child on how to tie their shoe laces. Other lacing games are the Lacing Pony and Lacing Peacock.

2. Plan Toys Balancing Boat. 3 years +

PL5136-Balancing-Boat t

We love this game here at Babi Pur. Roll the dice to determine which colour animal your place on the boat. Your child will learn about balance as they master which animal goes where to stop the boat from tipping over and all the animals falling off.

3.  Haba 50 Piece Shape Tack Zap

haba 50pce shape track zap

Containing 50 different pieces of colourful tiles, create different pictures and shapes by hammering each tile into place. Your child will love using their imagination to create different kinds of shapes – flowers, butterflies, a house, the possibilities are endless.

4. Lanka Kade Jungle Draughts

lanka kade jungle draughts

An oldie but goodie. It’s elephants vs lions in this fun draughts game. Once you reach the other side, flip the tile over to reveal the king on the other side. A great game to encourage your child to concentrate and keep as many tiles as possible. Why not take look at the snakes and ladders too?

5. Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle

alphabet dragon

A fun and colourful way of learning the alphabet. Chunky wooden pieces are brightly coloured with a different letter from the alphabet on. An educational puzzle for colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and literacy skills. With a Dog A-Z jigsaw, Dinosaur A-Z Jigsaw, Crocodile A-Z Jigsaw and a Dragon A-Z Jigsaw to choose from. And being Welsh, we couldn’t resist getting them in Welsh too  so that little ones can learn Y Wyddor.

All these, an many more products, are available HERE at Babi Pur.


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