FuzziBunz Nappy Reviews – Elite one-size

FuzziBunz Reviews

A few weeks ago we sent out some FuzziBunz Elite one size nappies for testing.  Here’s 3 great FuzziBunz nappy reviews from real mums who’ve tried it out for us.  Thanks to all our testers and thanks again to Claire H  for sharing her cloth bottomed baby with us in the above photo 🙂  FuzziBunz Nappies are available to buy here at Babi Pur

Angela’s FuzziBunz review

A lovely surprise arrived from Babi Pur – a new Fuzzi Bunz One size Elite nappy in Tootie Frootie to test. On opening the parcel I was a little surprised at the size of the nappy – it looked very small. The nappy is suitable from 8-35lbs and I did wonder if it would fit my 23lb one year old.

The Fuzzi Bunz Elite has a very clever elastic adjustment system a bit like the elastic waist adjusters in children’s trousers, so following the instruction I adjusted the nappy to the correct size (and to be honest still thought it would not fit) chased Benjamin around they front room and eventually got the nappy on him. It is an AMAZING FIT.  Much slimmer than his Bumgenius Birth to Potty V3 and his Flips. It fits beautifully under slim normal trousers. The elastic give much more flexibility of adjustment than traditional snaps on the rise of the nappy. The smallest setting looks suitable for newborn, being a similar size to my BG newborn nappy and I still have plenty of adjustment to allow for Benjamin’s growth.

Most of my nappies are pockets with microfiber inserts so I was intrigued with the minky inserts. They are very good, have great absorbency lasted 3-4 hours washed well, no staining and dried even quicker than the microfiber inserts. The only slight problem I had was stuffing the nappy – there is a knack to it. The gusset of the nappy is narrower than most pockets but about 2cms and it was a little tight stuffing in the inserts. I could fit in both inserts and a cotton booster. I don’t use night nappies but I don’t think this would be suitable for night use by any child other than newborn.

Benjamin was ill during the trail and had some horrible nappies as he was on antibiotics. The Fuzzi Bunz coped with everything really well, no leaks and no staining when washed.

This nappy has become my new favourite nappy. It has been admired by several friends who use cloth nappies. Am really tempted to get the Mac cheese one for some strange reason yellow appeals to me. Everyone should give them a try – as good as Bumgenius but a slimmer and I think more adjustable.

Claire A’s FuzziBunz Review

We were sent one of these nappies by the kind people at Babi pur to test. We received the nappy a few days ago, and so far it’s been on my little one twice. This nappy is a Birth to potty nappy, and comes with a shell, two minky inserts and spare elastic. The nappy is adjusted by moving the elastic inside the nappy onto different buttonholes (these are marked with numbers).

When I first received this nappy I was a bit put off, it looks rather small in comparison to some of my other nappies and I was concerned that it wouldn’t fit my little one. But I dutifully set the nappy to the appropriate sizing on the elastic. I found this rather easy and the instructions were fairly simple to follow.

Washing, washing wise this nappy is fantastic. Once off the baby you pull out the inserts and stick it in the machine (obviously after being in a bucket or wet bag) and wash in the normal way in which you wash your nappies. For those with limited drying space, this nappy is a Godsend. Seriously, the inserts came out of my machine almost dry. In fact the shell took longer than the inserts. If you want a quick drying nappy then this is it!

Performance, now the vast majority of my nappies have microfibre inserts, and, for my baby these work fine most of the time. I’d say that this nappy performs as well as the next nappy. I had it on my little one twice for about two to three hours both times and it was fine. This is about the average for a cloth nappy.

Wear, now I said earlier that I was concerned about the rise on this nappy. I needn’t have worried. This nappy fit my little one brilliantly; we’re currently using the vast majority of our nappies on the second to last snap setting (our totsbots are on the last). The rise isn’t as generous as a bumgenius, but to be honest I didn’t find that a problem. These nappies seem to fit like an itti bitti, in that they’re very trim and seem to function on a ‘low rider’ philosophy.

The feel of this nappy is very nice, the minky inserts are lovely to handle and don’t catch on my skin as microfibre tends to do. The outer of the nappy is lovely and soft and the fleece inner is just as nice. It doesn’t seem to as finely milled as other nappies I’ve come across, and I would be concerned about bobbling. But this is something that I’m sure will be tested in time.

In conclusion, this is a fabulous nappy that I’ve been very impressed with. I’ve tried pretty much tried everything under the sun and I would happily get more of these nappies. The fit is fabulous and it performs well (on both areas of containment, my little one really put it through its paces). The choice of colours is lush and there is something to please every palette. When some or my current stash comes up for replacement, I’ll be getting some more of these.

Claire H’s FuzziBunz Review

I was really pleased to be asked to review The Fuzzibunz Elite for Babi Pur.  We don’t have a Fuzzi in our collection and the style of adjustment makes this a new type of nappy for us.

The Fuzzibunz Elite has a lovely bright PUL outer, fleece lining and the most gorgeous, soft, minkie inserts.  At first, I thought adjusting the elastic was a bit fiddly, and the numbering system very slightly confusing (how the leg holes are numbered is different to how the waist holes are numbered), but once you’ve got it right, it does provide a really, really, good fit.  In terms of how it works, I would say I definitely prefer this method of changing the size of your nappy over any other BtP adjustments.  You get more size choices, a better fit and I also liked not having the poppers across the front which you get on most other BtP nappies; it looks so much nicer (like a sized nappy).

What I really did notice with this nappy, is how slim it is between the legs, a good inch or two narrower than some other pockets.  This does have one small disadvantage; I found putting the inserts into the pocket a little tricky. The width of the nappy is exactly the same width of the insert, so I found it a bit of a fiddle to make sure the insert wasn’t bunching up/folding over.  This was even trickier when I was trying to put both inserts in – I found you simply have to try and put them in at the same time as it’s nearly impossible to but the booster in after you’ve put the main insert in.  This is definitely one of those nappies where you have to put it all together before a nappy change rather than doing it all on the go.  I did find that when using just the main insert we had some wicking after an hour or so, but when I used both inserts it works really well, we haven’t had one leak.  What’s more, I found that the fleece liner felt pretty dry after use, so something is good at keeping any liquid away from the skin.

One huge bonus of this nappy is the drying time.  It says you can tumble dry them on a low heat, but they feel halfway dry when coming out of the washer, that I simply pop them on an airer (no heating on yet!) and they really are dry in a few hours.  I reckon with a little bit of heat (airing cupboard/nice day on the washing line) you could wash this nappy in the morning and be wearing it again in the afternoon.  The blurb says that these are stain and odour resistant too, so that’s always a bonus.

Pros – Lots of adjustment options so you can ensure it fits lovely – and it does fit lovely when it’s on.  Washes well, really quick drying.

Cons – Adjusting size and putting inserts can take a bit of getting used to.


I'm Pete. Co-founder of Babipur, the ethical retailer of goods for all the family established 2007. When I'm not talking about wooden toys, inequality in supply chains and reusable lifestyle products you'll find me riding my bike, paddling my board or lost in the mountains of Snowdonia.

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11 Responses

  1. Rid says:

    These are really good wellwritten reviews and very helpful thank you. There are so many types of nappy on these sites so I leave the buying to my wife but these sound like the newest best thing

  2. Moobug says:

    Rid just sent me to read this, since he’s started browsing recently (and I think he’s becoming a bit of a Green Daddy) and I can see why. These nappies sound really good.

    Can the ladies who tested these report back in a month or so, please, and let us know how the washing process has affected them, if at all? I notice there was mention of potential bobbling with the fleece, although I don’t think that would put me off at all unless it made baban uncomfortable!

  3. Claire H says:

    Hello, I think we’ve probably had the nappy a few weeks now and it’s had a good few washes in that time.

    The fleece lining isn’t as smooth as a BG. It’s a different fabric. To me BG lining has an almost suede-like feel to it with very short fibres. The Fuzzi Bunz is just like a fleece top – longer, but still very soft fibres. I’m not sure bobbling is the right word, but it doesn’t stay fluffy – again just like a fleece top doesn’t stay fluffy, but it doesn’t bobble in the same way a woollen jumper does. (Does this all make sense?)

    I wouldn’t say this ‘un-fluffing’ of the fleece liner is of any detriment to the nappy at all (other than in a solely cosmetic way). It’s still really soft and not lumpy in the way something like towelling or even some bamboo fabric can be.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Moobug says:

    It does make sense and it does help – thank you! 😀

  5. Lucy W says:

    We have been using fuzzibunz one size for a long while now and LOVE them, now I LIVE my FB OS Elite even more 🙂 as for overnight we double stuff with the microfiber insert and a hemp and have no leaking issues. We also stuff both inserts at the same time and find if you hold both the front and the back of the diaper/insert combo and pull it all flat it helps to straighten the inserts inside. Xxxx

  6. Ceri Kruger says:

    I LOVE how well Fuzzibunz fit. I used them with two of my children before switching to organic nappies. Just wish you had some organic ones, I’d definately use them again! They fit great, adjusted brilliantly, were even great over night (no leaking) and fit a later toilet-training child too. I’m sure these ones would be great. Would like to try them.

  7. Ceri Kruger says:

    I was just reading the other comments on here. There was one wondering how the washing process affects the fuzzibunz nappies. I couldn’t say about the velcro fastening as I used the poppered ones, but they were great – no wear and still going very strong after two children. The fleece inner loses a little of its softness once it’s washed a number of times, but otherwise no effect, and the fleece is still perfectly soft and comfy after washing (just not as fuzzy as it starts off).

  8. Ceri Kruger says:

    Oops… one other thing I meant to say was I loved how flexible these were. At night the reason they worked so well partly was I could fold a terry nappy and stuff the pocket with that, which would then last the night while the child was still amazingly dry on their skin in the morning (the fleece wicks the moisture away into the nappy’s core). Then I could either use one or two of the inserts, or one insert plus a folded muslin square depending on how heavy a wetter the child was who would be wearing it. A REALLY great nappy!

  9. Moobug says:

    Thanks Ceri!

  10. Angela says:

    Great to see that the other testers all think the nappy is fantastic. We have been using it for a while now and everything I wrote is still correct. The nappy washes well, the fleece pocket is different from the suede fleece of BG but is a very soft slightly textures fleece (no cause for irritation – beautifully soft)and seems immune to stains. I have not noticed loss in softness. Definitely worth a try.

  11. jenraf says:

    I have to say I’m impressed with the fit on my newborn- the other birth to potty nappies while fitting are much more bulky

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