FuzziBunz Halloween Competition oooooooh, scaaaary!

Babi Pur Halloween Competition

Win this spooky FuzziBunz Halloween nappy pack which includes 4 of the brand new FuzziBunz One-size Elite nappies in colours, apple green, grape, choco truffle and kumquat, also a FuzziBunz tote and wonder wipes all worth over £80.00 .  FuzziBunz Elite one-size nappies fit from birth to potty, they have silky soft minky inserts, a clever button elastic adjusting system and come in 14 fab colours.

All you need to do to enter this competition is leave a comment below telling us which is your favourite colour FuzziBunz Elite Nappy, you can see all the FuzziBunz colours here

EXTRA ENTRIES: For bonus entries please leave a separate comment for each of the following you have done :

  • SHARE  this comp on your Facebook wall by clicking here
  • INVITE your friends to LIKE Babi Pur on facebook
  • LIKE the FuzziBunz Europe Facebook page here
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  • CREATE AN ACCOUNT (if you don’t already have one) & tick to receive our newsletters here
  • COMMENT leave a comment on any posts on this blog
  • SUBSCRIBE to our new Youtube channel BabipurTV & comment on a video for another entry

It is important that you leave separate comments as each comment number is counted as an entry!

All entries need to be with us before midnight on Monday the 31st  of October 2011 and the winner will be announced shortly after.

***this competition is now closed*** the winner who was chosen at random is comment no. 8 by Claire Spiller Rowe


I'm Pete. Co-founder of Babipur, the ethical retailer of goods for all the family established 2007. When I'm not talking about wooden toys, inequality in supply chains and reusable lifestyle products you'll find me riding my bike, paddling my board or lost in the mountains of Snowdonia.

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428 Responses

  1. Rachel Khan says:

    I love the grape coloured nappy – purple is our favourite colour 🙂

  2. Rachel Khan says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  3. Lisa gillespie says:

    I love apple green! One of the nicest unisex colours abOut

  4. Lisa gillespie says:

    Shared on fb

  5. Sophia Payne says:

    MacNCheese is my favourite. It was our wedding colour, and if we had a baby when we got married last June, then he or she would definitely have been rolling down the aisle among yellow orchid petals wearing that nappy! Not sure about the name however, as it does make me think of greasy burgers. Mind you, I could just eat a greasy cheeseburger right now! 🙂

  6. Ceri Spiller says:

    Oooooo so tough they are all gorgeous! And would look cute on any little bottom! Going to go with spearmint thou! Bright and cheerful! Just like the little dude I’d put it on!!!

  7. Claire Spiller Rowe says:

    I heart the spearmint so much!!

  8. Claire Spiller Rowe says:

    Shared link on FB

  9. Claire Spiller Rowe says:


  10. Hannah says:

    We love Kumquat- makes me think of crunchy autumn leaves!

  11. Hannah says:

    Shared on my Facebook x

  12. Philippa Hammond says:

    Big sky – it’s all about blue in our house with 2 boys and a strawberry blonde girl who looks awesome in it!

  13. Hannah says:

    Invited some friends x

  14. Philippa Hammond says:

    Shared on Facebook

  15. Rebecca says:

    Choco truffle is pretty cute, and I like the name. Plus I always tell my daughter that she’s so cute I could eat her (not really of course) but this nappy looks like yummy chocolate, although the brown contents NEVER do!

  16. Carol Goodwin says:

    Have shared on facebook

  17. Carol Goodwin says:

    I love the colours!

  18. Hannah says:

    Susbcribed and commented on Youtube too- needs a rest now! 😉 x

  19. Emma Boyd says:

    I love love love the grape colour! I think purple looks cool on the peachy bum of either flavour of bubba.

  20. Gemma Hirst says:

    I love spearmint!

  21. Moobug says:

    Choco truffle! Browns are a lovely warm colour and we love our steampunk fashion over in this family, so anything brown, grey, silver or golden gets snapped up 😉

  22. Moobug says:


  23. Rachel says:

    Tough one, but I love spearmint since going through a teal/pink phase this summer 🙂

  24. Moobug says:


  25. Sarah D says:

    MacNCheese ! gotta love sunny yellow 🙂

  26. Sarah D says:

    retweeted on twitter

  27. Sarah D says:

    shared on facebook

  28. Sam says:

    love love love the green apple!

  29. Sam says:

    signed up for an account

  30. Rebecca says:

    I like the cotton candy ones the best, but as i have 3 boys they’re out of my reach!

  31. Saisha says:

    love Choco Truffle

  32. Lauren Walden says:

    They are purdy! I <3 kumquat!

  33. Ciara Goodwin says:

    My favourite colour is Apple Green. It’s unisex also so can be used for the next baby 🙂

  34. Sionedwyn says:

    I love Apple Green, such a bright, bold and refreshing colour!

  35. Sionedwyn says:

    Shared the comp on my fb wall

  36. Sionedwyn says:

    Retweeted @sionedwyn

  37. Sionedwyn says:

    I have an account and receive newsletter

  38. Iris says:

    Choco truffles as it would compliment my daughters skin colour.

  39. Ciara Goodwin says:

    Shared on babycentre 🙂

  40. Sionedwyn says:

    Invited my friends to like Babi Pur on Facebook

  41. Iris says:

    Shared on Facebook

  42. Claire says:

    I love the mac and cheese, I’m quite the fan of yellow (a lot of our nappies are yellow). It doesn’t hurt that macaroni cheese goes down a treat in my household as well. 🙂

  43. Claire says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  44. I think Spearmint looks lush! Chloe will look gorgeous in it, but I also think a boy would too, so it’s perfect and funky!

  45. Retweeted @Fluffy_Mummy xx

  46. Claire says:


  47. I receive the newsletter too!

  48. Thought I’d posted this, but its showing or I didnt, but I blogged about it on fluffymummy.com xx

  49. susanne wedel says:

    I love the chocolate color!!!

  50. Helen says:

    My favourite is tootie frootie

  51. mardi keenan says:

    Crushed berry is our favorite color for little Livvy nappy stash

  52. susanne wedel says:

    I commented on the cloth odyssey article.

  53. susanne wedel says:

    i created an account and signed up for the newsletter.

  54. Moobug says:

    Blogged on livejournal.com!

  55. ViCki sutcliffe says:

    Definatly kumquat! What a great bright colour. X

  56. jenraf says:

    shared facebook

  57. jenraf says:

    newsletter receiver

  58. jenraf says:

    crushed berries

  59. jenraf says:


  60. jenraf says:

    commented on babipurTV weehuggers

  61. Kate S says:

    My favourite colour is the spearmint

  62. Kate S says:

    I’ve retweeted the giveaway (@pondering_kate)

  63. Kate S says:

    I have an account and receive your newsletter

  64. alexis says:

    I love the crushed berries

  65. My favourite colour FuzziBunz is kumquat – very seasonal

  66. I’ve shared on Facebook

  67. I’ve tweeted this post @StephyBea

  68. I have an account and receive your newsletters

  69. I’ve subscribed to BabipurTV and commented on the BumGenius Organic AIO video as BeaStephy

  70. beverley kirwin says:

    i love the mint colour nappy thanks

  71. Addy Knight says:

    shared on FB

  72. Addy Knight says:

    invited friends on FB

  73. Addy Knight says:

    tweeted ( @Sparklyrainbows)

  74. Addy Knight says:

    created an account

  75. sharma gaskill says:

    I love the crushed berries, gorgeous colour

  76. Addy Knight says:


  77. Addy Knight says:

    Fab competition!

  78. sharma gaskill says:

    Have shared on fb (sharma gaskill)

  79. sharma gaskill says:

    Have invited my friends to like Babi Pur

  80. sharma gaskill says:

    Tweeted @sharmagaskill

  81. judith says:


  82. emma cella says:

    I’ve shared on Facebook

  83. emma cella says:

    My favourite colour FuzziBunz is kumquat

  84. emma cella says:

    I have an account and receive your newsletter

  85. emma cella says:

    I’ve tweeted this post @emmajane2000

  86. Tracy MacDonald Grant says:

    Hi shared on FB,
    RT on twitter @tracygrant3

    there all great xx

  87. Catherine Goodband says:

    Tootie frootie is my fav

  88. Catherine Goodband says:

    shared on facebook

  89. Catherine Goodband says:

    tweeted as vinmag89

  90. Catherine Goodband says:

    and have account and receive news letter

  91. Kirsty Fox says:

    Watermelon is my favourite, although they are all great colours!

  92. Kirsty Fox says:

    I have shared on Facebook – Kirsty Fox

  93. Kirsty Fox says:

    Have shared your page with friends – Kirsty Fox

  94. Kirsty Fox says:

    I have tweeted about the comp on twitter – @bloomingfox

  95. nichola armstrong says:

    watermelon is our favourite colour

    also shared on facebook and twitter also friends invited 🙂

  96. Rebecca Denyer says:

    Brilliant competition, shared on facebook

  97. Victoria Langley says:

    crushed berries is my fave

  98. Victoria Langley says:

    shared on fb as Torz Langley

  99. Victoria Langley says:

    invited on fb as Torz Langley

  100. Victoria Langley says:

    followed and tweeted as Torialou78

  101. stephanie Parfey says:

    My favourite colour is Apple green, its nice bright and colourful and is unisex

  102. stephanie Parfey says:

    ive shared the link on my facebook page x

  103. stephanie Parfey says:

    ive also invited friends on facebook xx

  104. Di Coke says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  105. Di Coke says:

    Tweeted from Superluckydi!

  106. Di Coke says:

    My fave colour is kumquat!

  107. Di Coke says:

    ….I’m including you in my halloween comp round up tomorrow at http://super-lucky.blogspot.com 🙂

  108. diana jones says:


  109. helen harris says:

    I love the buttercream 😀

  110. helen harris says:

    Shared on my fb as Helen e Harris 😀

  111. helen harris says:

    Have invited friends to come and like your fb page 😀

  112. helen harris says:

    Have retweeted on twitter as @picklepie35 😀

  113. helen harris says:

    Have subscribed to Youtube 😀

  114. kate poyser says:

    Kumquat is my fav, love it !!!!!

  115. kate poyser says:

    Shared link on FB

  116. kate poyser says:

    Invited my friends to like BP on FB

  117. kate poyser says:

    I have an account

  118. I adore the cotton candy coloured FuzziBuns

  119. Shared on FB http://www.facebook.com/xJust.Kia (first FB comment not showing for some reason)

  120. I have created an account and signed up for your newsletter.

  121. I’m subscribed to your youtube channel =)

  122. Having problems with some comments not showing on this comp post.
    Have left a comment on your Strip Ease post from Aug 10th

  123. Robyn Clarke says:

    I love the “Cotton Candy” colour, pretty and perfect for our little princess

  124. Robyn Clarke says:

    Shared on Facebook (Robyn Logan)

  125. Robyn Clarke says:

    Retweeted @robynlclarke

  126. Robyn Clarke says:

    Commented on “One for you, one for me – Why children like role play”

  127. Robyn Clarke says:

    Opened an account and signed up to newsletter

  128. kaz jackson says:

    I like the apple green

  129. kayleah jackson says:

    I love the grape, its funky

  130. Becky J says:

    I love the apple green, its lush

  131. Carla Finlayson says:

    shared on facebook x

  132. fiona says:

    Apple green is our fave, it matches our pram, buggy and sling! And his BG baby legs! And it would work if we have a little girl too 🙂

  133. fiona says:

    Shared on Facebook

  134. fiona says:

    Opened an account and signed up to newsletter

  135. Leanne Howie says:

    Love the grape one. Definitly my fav

  136. Leanne Howie says:

    shared on facebook

  137. kayleigh louise says:

    shared on facebook

  138. Claire Stuart says:

    Love Love Love the purple one! Reminds me of Cadburys – mmmmmm 🙂

  139. I love the spearmint, lovely and bright.

  140. Have invited my friends to like babi pur on facebook

  141. Ada says:

    Big sky is my favourite colour 🙂

  142. Ada says:

    shared on facebook

  143. Have shared on my facebook wall Elizabeth Williams and on my facebook page for my blog Bumps 2 Babies https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bumps-2-Babies/122183124549086

  144. Nikki Moore says:

    I love them all

  145. Ada says:

    subscribed to Youtube group 🙂

  146. Nikki Moore says:

    shared on facebook my facebook name is nikki moore

  147. Elizabeth Williams says:

    have retweeted the competition on twitter @bumps_2_babies

  148. Nikki Moore says:

    retweeted your post on twitter from @busymummyof3

  149. Ada says:

    Account created 🙂

  150. Ness Gorton says:

    Love the chocolate 1 xx

  151. Ness Gorton says:

    Tweeted @baggiesbabe69

  152. Ness Gorton says:

    Shared on FB Ness Gorton

    Invited friends

    Getting duplicate post notifications so had to add these 2 in 1

  153. Jessica Sang says:

    Loving spearmint, such a fab colour!

  154. amamda walsh says:

    I love the apple green 🙂

  155. shirley kay says:

    crushed berries as this looks like a fab girly colour ;o)

  156. shirley kay says:

    shared on facebook name is shirley kay

  157. julie buttonf1fan says:

    i like “big sky” best 🙂

  158. julie buttonf1fan says:

    i tweeted @buttonf1fan

  159. Kate Cunningham says:

    I’m traditional – I like white!

  160. Kate Cunningham says:

    Have shared this competition on Facebook Kate Cunningham

  161. Kate Cunningham says:

    Have invited friends to LIKE Babi Pur on facebook

  162. Kate Cunningham says:

    Have retweeted this competition. @01592_katie

  163. Elizabeth Williams says:

    Have created an account to receive your newsletter

  164. Elizabeth Williams says:

    Have subscribed to your BabipurTV on youtube

  165. Elizabeth Williams says:

    Have recommended and rate on stumbleupon bumps2babies….not sure if this counts as an entry?

  166. sarah clegg says:

    my fave is chocco truffle
    my fb name is sarah clegg
    twitter name is sarahclegg2

  167. sarah clegg says:

    ive shared on fb x

  168. sarah clegg says:

    ive invited my friends to like babi pur on fb x

  169. Lucy Dorrington says:

    I definitely like MacnCheese best. Yellow is a great unisex colour, and what a great name!! x

  170. sarah clegg says:

    ive retweeted post x

  171. Robin Cabaltica says:

    I love the cotton candy

  172. Robin Cabaltica says:

    Just shared link on FB =)

  173. Robin Cabaltica says:

    INVITED my friends to LIKE Babi Pur on facebook

  174. Lynn Melanie Fancy says:

    Liked and shared on wall FB

  175. Lynn Melanie Fancy says:

    Invited friends to page

  176. Lynn Melanie Fancy says:

    Tweeted and following @LemonFancy

  177. Pippa Saunders says:

    Am loving the spearmint colour

  178. Pippa Saunders says:

    have shared comp on facebook

  179. nikki reynolds says:

    My fave colour is cotton candy 🙂 so cute

  180. nikki reynolds says:

    i have shared on facebook

  181. nikki reynolds says:

    i have invited friends to join on facebook

  182. nikki reynolds says:

    i have retweeted on twitter @pooklexiandbump

  183. emma hunt says:

    fingers crossed for all…..this is so cool xxx

  184. Rhoda says:

    I like the kumquat.

  185. Rhoda says:

    Have RTed, @rhodak09

  186. Rhoda says:

    Have shared on FB

  187. We love the Apple Green nappies 🙂

  188. I have tweeted @RedRoseMummy

  189. I have shared on FB (Pippa Ainsworth on there)

  190. I have subscribed to the newsletter.

  191. I have commented on one of your Youtube videos (RedRoseMummy on Youtube)

  192. klara cort says:

    puuurple!!!!!! absolute favourite!!!!

  193. klara cort says:

    shared this giveaway on Facebook account (name Clara Cort)

  194. klara cort says:

    invited a friend for your FB page 🙂

  195. esther james says:

    love the watermelon!

  196. esther james says:

    subscribed to your newsless

  197. esther james says:

    tweeted your comp @esthermate

  198. esther james says:

    shared on facebook esther james

  199. Nicole says:

    I like Cotton Candy

  200. Jamie-Lee Norris says:

    i Love the cotton candy colour – gorgeous

  201. Jamie-Lee Norris says:

    Have invited my friends to like the fB page x

  202. Jamie-Lee Norris says:

    Have followed on Twitter @Jlnorris2010

  203. Jamie-Lee Norris says:

    Have retweeted on Twitter @Jlnorris2010

  204. Alice Hindley says:

    I love the Spearmint colour

  205. Alice Hindley says:

    I have re-tweeted the post on Twitter

    tweet me @aesop57

  206. K Dunn says:

    Has to be purple! Loooovvvvvvee purple

  207. robyn shaw says:

    cotton candy – yum yum

  208. robyn shaw says:

    shared on FB as Robyn renren shaw

  209. robyn shaw says:

    have retweeted as @mummymakes4

  210. Lorraine R says:


  211. Jaimee Baker says:

    Spearmint is my new favorite fuzzibunz! I would love to try out the Elite dipes.

  212. Jaimee Baker says:

    I created an account! Cant wait for the newsletter

  213. Jaimee Baker says:

    I commented on your bumgenius 4.0 video 🙂

  214. jessica whitehead-st (@jessws2011) says:

    I really like the purple one, it would look nice on my son

  215. diana jones says:

    love the grape coloured one 🙂

  216. jessica whitehead-stevens says:

    i have shared on facebook
    jessica whitehead-stevens


  217. Michelle S says:

    I love apple green, so fresh and cheerful

  218. Michelle S says:

    I already have an account 😀

  219. Michelle S says:

    Shared on facebook

  220. Michelle S says:

    Have invited friends to ‘like’ 😀

  221. jessica whitehead-stevens says:

    tweeted also @jessws2011

  222. Michelle S says:

    Retweeted !! 🙂

  223. Donna Cooper says:

    Love the choco truffle 🙂

  224. Heidi says:

    Grape is my absolute favourite, i LOVE this nappy!

  225. Michelle S says:

    Have now subscribed, looking forward to watching the videos

  226. Heidi says:

    account holder

  227. Donna Cooper says:

    Shared on fb

  228. Heidi says:

    shared on twitter – @thebeehivecraft

  229. Michelle S says:

    Told people about competition on babycentre

  230. nicky hockaday says:

    I have shared on FB
    Love the apple green!

  231. I have shared on Facebook.

  232. I have re tweeted

  233. I have invited people to like your Facebook page.

  234. Sarah Morris says:

    Love grape and crushed berry! :0) Xx

  235. Sarah Morris says:

    Signed up for an account x

  236. Sarah says:

    Shared comp on my FB wall

  237. Victoria Passmore says:

    I love cotton candy! Matches pretty much everything my baby girl owns!

  238. Sarah says:

    Invited my FB friends to like babipur on FB

  239. elise melton says:

    i love the apple green!

  240. Victoria Passmore says:

    I have retweeted

  241. Sarah says:

    Fave elite colour is most definitely Watermelon, with mac n cheese a close second!! xx

  242. Sarah says:

    Account created and signed up for newsletters x

  243. wendy snaddon says:

    shared on facebook

  244. wendy snaddon says:

    What a fab prize, I love the colours 😀

  245. wendy snaddon says:

    Have an account and get the newsletter 😀

  246. dafydd owen says:

    Favourite colour is crushed berries

  247. dafydd owen says:


  248. dafydd owen says:

    shared link on facebook

  249. Emma Cross says:

    I love the crushed berries – soooo girly :o)

  250. claire channon says:

    My fav is the crushed berries but I have a little boy, don’t think daddy will appreciate me putting him in it. Praying bump is a girl so I can use cute girlie nappies

  251. dafydd owen says:

    invited friends to LIKE Babi Pur on facebook

  252. claire channon says:

    I’ve created an account

  253. Rachel H says:

    Retweeted 🙂

  254. Rachel H says:

    and shared on FB too!

  255. Rachel H says:

    Cool colours, all of them!

  256. Eleanor Cheadle says:

    I love the spearmint colour

  257. Eleanor Cheadle says:

    shared a link on my facebook account

  258. Eleanor Cheadle says:

    created an account and signed up for newsletter

  259. Eleanor Cheadle says:

    love the spearmint colour

  260. Eleanor Cheadle says:

    posted a link on facebook

  261. Kate Ashley says:

    Mmmm buttercream – love it on cakes & now for nappies too!

  262. Laura Oswald says:

    I love the choco truffle! 🙂

  263. Laura Oswald says:

    Shared on facebook. 🙂

  264. Laura Oswald says:

    Retweeted. 🙂

  265. Laura Oswald says:

    Subscribed to youtube channel and commented too 🙂

  266. Des says:

    choco truffle – yum yum

  267. Heidi says:

    Commented on the outdoor fun post 🙂

  268. Des says:

    shared competition on FB

  269. Charlotte Sarson says:

    My favourite colour is grape. With 3 boys it’s as near to pink as I can get away with!

  270. Charlotte Sarson says:

    I’ve tweeted!

  271. Victoria Wynn says:

    I like kumquat – A ‘pumpkin’ looking bum for halloween 🙂

  272. Victoria Wynn says:

    Shared link on Facebook

  273. Matthew Wynn says:

    Shared link on Facebook

  274. Charlotte Sarson says:

    Just shared on FB. Not that I have time on my hands and really would like the nappies or anything :o)

  275. Matthew Wynn says:

    Apple green!!

  276. Charlotte Sarson says:

    I’ve also “liked” on FB, does that count? =)

  277. Jody Smith says:

    My favorite is Grape, I just love purple!

  278. angela says:

    My favorite colour is maccheese -so different

  279. angela says:

    shared on fb

  280. angela says:

    have an account

  281. Helen Lynn says:

    I like the apple green colour!

  282. Petra says:

    I love the Cotton Candy! It’s really sweet colour 🙂

  283. Victoria says:

    My favorite is the Spearmint…so fresh and fun!

  284. Sam says:

    Apple green is my fav. I love that colour!

  285. Deb Gillard says:

    Grape! Love my purple!

  286. Deb Gillard says:

    Have shared on facebook

  287. Deb Gillard says:

    Tweeted @Donnylover1958

  288. jennifer lloyd says:

    grape – have shared on fbook

  289. The grape colour. Have shared on facebook

  290. Sue Robinson says:

    Love the choco truffle one xx

  291. Sue Robinson says:

    I have shared on my facebook wall – Sue Robinson Mse

  292. Sue Robinson says:

    I have tweeted the comp @srobbo71

  293. Sue Robinson says:

    Subscribed to the youtube channel srobbo71

  294. Sue Robinson says:

    I left a comment on one of the youtube videos srobbo71

  295. Sue Robinson says:

    I created an account and left the newsletter option checked

  296. Rebecca Smith says:

    I like the grape colour

  297. Rebecca Smith says:

    Shared on Facebook

  298. ali thorpe says:

    I have liked on Facebook (Ali Comps) x

  299. ali thorpe says:

    My fave colour is the kumquat ones x

  300. Dani says:

    shared on facebook, liked the fuzzibunz page.
    Hopefully I’ll be lucky for a change!

  301. Laure says:

    Chocolate! Yum!

  302. Laure says:

    Meant CHOCO TRUFFLE! YUM! But it’s ok to comment again as I “liked” on FB.

  303. Laure says:

    And it’s on my FB wall too.

  304. Becky Taylor says:

    spearmint! LOVE that colour xx

  305. susanne wedel says:

    kumquat ist my fovourit colour for this time of year

  306. susanne wedel says:

    I like Fuzzibunz Europe on FB.

  307. susanne wedel says:

    I am signed up for your newsletter.

  308. vanessa gregory says:

    Watermelon looks amazing

  309. vanessa gregory says:

    shared on facebook

  310. vanessa gregory says:

    facebook page liked

  311. Lucy Richards says:

    Love the cotton candy.
    Utterly versatile!

  312. Joanne Cross says:

    I love the crushed berries colour

  313. Joanne Cross says:

    I have shared your link on Facebook too!

  314. Sarah Hinvest says:


  315. Sarah Hinvest says:

    Subscribed to Babipur TV

  316. Sarah Hinvest says:

    Liked the Fuzzibunz Europe Facebook page

  317. Sarah Hinvest says:

    Created an account

  318. Sarah Hinvest says:

    Left a comment on the blog post about Piccalilly range

  319. Sandra Clarke says:

    I love the grape.

  320. Kim Sullivan says:

    crushed berries

  321. Kim Sullivan says:

    i liked fuzzibunz europe facebook page too 🙂

  322. Leanne bond says:

    I love the cotton candy cupcake one!

  323. Leanne bond says:

    I like the fuzzibunz europe page my fav nappy is cupcake

  324. Julia Gardner says:

    I love the apple green one

  325. Clare Booth says:

    My fave is Crushed Berries (though I also love grape)

  326. Clare Booth says:

    shared on FB wall

  327. Clare Booth says:

    FB fan of FuzziBunz Europe

  328. Clare Booth says:

    retweeted @ClareDaiquiri

  329. Yvonne Poole says:

    wow! I love these & love the purple coloured ones especially ♥
    I’ve retweeted your Halloween tweet (@earthmommaof6) and shared on my facebook wall (Yvonne Poole) and I have created an account too x

  330. Robin Cabaltica says:

    Shared and love the grape color one, love them all but if had to pick one =)

  331. EmilyCS says:

    I love the grape!!

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  336. Cristi says:

    Apple green is my fav!

  337. Jody Smith says:

    fan of fuzzibunz europe!

  338. Leah seyit says:

    Spearmint is my fave as sometimes “blue” can be limited when you have a boy and spearmint is “blue” with a twist!

  339. Leah seyit says:

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  342. Sionedwyn says:

    I LIKE the FuzziBunz Europe Facebook page

  343. Silvia says:

    kumquat – my abs favourite! 🙂

  344. Silvia says:

    I LIKE the FuzziBunz Europe Facebook page

  345. Karen Barrett says:

    Thanks for the giveaway
    My favourite colour is Cotton Candy

  346. Karen Barrett says:

    I have shared this comp on my Facebook wall
    Karen A Barrett

  347. vicki says:

    I love the ‘macncheese’ both the colour and the name!

  348. Claire Townsend says:

    I love the spearmint. It will look fab on my little boy.

  349. Sarah says:

    It has to be Kumquat for a pumpkin-matching Halloween vibe, closely followed by the Watermelon for a festive Christmas feel!

  350. Kirsty says:

    mmmm they’re all D-lish but I love the grape most; like a dairy milk wrapper except you hope it’s not going to be brown inside :oS

  351. Alison Gulliford says:

    Grape is my favourite as it would suit my girly or my little man, though spearmint is a close second if I needed my day brightening up a bit!

  352. Nicola says:

    The grape colour is fab – finally purple cloth nappies – in fact what anfab range of colours overall!

  353. Sarah says:

    Love kumquat – nice original colour

  354. Anne Rushent says:

    Boring I know but the white doesn’t shine through lighter coloured clothes.

  355. jenny says:


  356. Liz says:

    I like Big sky – so pretty 🙂

  357. Siobhan O'Brien says:

    Grape is my favourite colour

  358. esther james says:

    grape is lurvly

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  365. Katherine Box says:

    I love the grape fuzzibunz, purple is my favourite colour…conveniently my baby daughter also loves purple, its her favourite colour too!

  366. Katja Betschart says:

    My Favoriten Fuzzibunz Elite Color is Big sky!

  367. Jayne says:

    I really like the kumquat.

  368. Kathryn Lennon says:

    I’m a new convert to cloth nappies! It’s so hard to choose a favourite colour but I have to say that I’m swayed towards Spearmint at the moment. Love them!

  369. Emma Zajac says:

    I have shared on FB.

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    I have tweeted @emmabo26.

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    My favourite colour is grape 🙂

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    I liked the Fuzzibunz Europe page 🙂

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    I have shared the Babi Pur FB page with my friends.

  374. Louise Woodman says:

    Kumquat is my favourite colour!

  375. vicky says:

    I love sunny yellow!

  376. Lynne Curson says:

    Oooh choco truffle looks good enough to eat!
    Retweeted too.

  377. Kat says:

    We love the grape nappy because we love purple.

  378. Alice says:

    Crushed berries. My boy loves the bright ones.

  379. Claire Spiller Rowe says:

    I like Fuzzibunz Europe page

  380. James Rowe says:

    Spearmint is the best colour by far

  381. Catrin Jones says:

    Wedi rhannu ar Facebook! 🙂

  382. Catrin Jones says:

    Wedi tanysgrifio i eBostiau! 🙂

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  389. Catrin Jones says:

    Wrth fy modd gyda Cocco Truffle! Mae o yn liw anghyffredin i weld ar glytiau ag mor gynnes at y gaeaf! 🙂

  390. Charlotte Davies says:

    Grape is the best!

  391. Laura M says:

    I love grape – such a lovely winter purple

  392. Kerri says:

    I love the green!

  393. Kerri says:

    Shared on FB.

  394. Kerri says:

    Liked FB Europe page.

  395. Deanne says:

    Watermelon for me!

  396. angela says:

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  397. Sarah L Norman says:

    I like the kumquat best!

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  399. Sandy Hill says:

    Tough call but I think my favourite colour is grape

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  409. Becca hudson says:

    I like the coco truffle

  410. Claire says:

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  411. fay says:

    love the spearmint colour

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    my favourite colour is grape

  420. Sian Reynolds says:

    I love the Spearmint, lovely and bright 🙂

  421. My favourite is Spearmint… @Bobbity666

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