Frugi cloth nappies!

Here at Babipur we were very excited to learn that Totsbots and Frugi have teamed up to create the ultimate designer re-usable nappy. Yes that’s right FRUGI nappies! The nappy is the same design as the ever popular and reliable Tots Bots Easyfit and it’s available in four fabulous and funky Frugi prints.

Frugi nappies.fw

The new Frugi nappies are available to pre-order online at We’ll be sending any pre-orders out as soon as we receive our lovely stock in March.

More about Totsbots and Frugi

Frugi and TotsBots have always shared a passion for washable nappies. Way back in 2004 Frugi’s original name was ‘Cut4Cloth’ – originated when one mum, Lucy Jewson, started making clothes specifically designed to accommodate cloth nappies. Lucy was inspired to start her business when she read an article in the paper about another mum, Fiona King, and her journey to invent a new innovative washable nappy and manufacture it here in the UK. (Lucy even took this article with her to the bank when asking for start up capital, to prove that the sector was worth investing in!)

Lucy and Fiona met at a trade show later that year and soon became friends and confidants, sharing the highs and lows of running rapidly expanding businesses whilst balancing family life. Fiona brought her family on holiday to Cornwall last year and the idea for the collaboration was born over a Sunday roast.

Lucy reminisces, “We have been asked to make our own nappy, ever since we started. When we mentioned this to Fiona (TotsBots) she replied “why don’t we do it for you?” This was the light bulb moment and a plan was hatched. What we’ve done is add a little Frugi magic to TotsBots perfection to create something truly unique and special.

Fiona, TotsBots founder, added; “We are so excited to be joining forces with Frugi. With over 8 million disposables still being sent to landfill every day, we are continually striving for ways to show parents that nappies don’t have to be rubbish. On top of being soft, absorbent and saving parents a heap of money, our lovely little Easyfits are going to be available in totally gorgeous Frugi designs. Disposable nappies don’t even come close.”

The final product combines all the technical excellence from years of award winning product design at TotsBots with Frugi’s trademark design flair and the result is a collection of four stunningly beautiful nappies that are sure to be a hit with all style conscious mums!



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