FREE Flip Disposable inserts with each Flip Day Pack

Flip Disposable inserts

Get a pack of 18 flip disposable inserts when you buy a flip stay dry day pack or flip organic day pack.

The flip nappy system from bumGenius is one of our favourites and here’s some quick reasons why!

  • You can choose which flip insert to use, stay dry (microfibre) or organic (organic cotton)
  • You don’t have to change the flip nappy cover with each nappy change, just change the insert
  • Because you only need roughly 1 cover to every 3-4 inserts they are very, very economical!
  • The flip organic cotton inserts dry pretty quick because they fold out into a big flat square
  • You can choose between hook & loop or snaps
  • The Flip cover is one of the best one-size nappy covers around and can be used with most brands of inserts or flat nappies
  • Flip disposable inserts add that extra bit of convenience when it’s needed, and they’re pretty eco too!

We’re sure there’s some more good things but that’ll do for now 🙂  If you haven’t tried Flip then give them a go, they really are very good nappies!

Flip Stay Dry Day Pack + FREE DISPOSABLES Flip Organic Day Pack + FREE DISPOSABLES
 Flip Stay Dry Day Pack with FREE DISPOSABLES   Flip Stay Organic Pack with FREE DISPOSABLES

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