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(Video shows previous version of the Tots Bots Easy fit but the style of the nappy is still the same)

Vital Statistics

Nappy Type: All in One
Fabrics: Pul and Minkee
Size Range: One size Fits most approx. 8-35lbs
In the pack: Complete nappy
Colours or Prints: Bright Colours and Limited Edition Prints
RRP: £16.99 for Prints £15.99 Colours

The Nappy

The TotsBots Easyfit is an All-in-one nappy, which means all the necessary parts are attached, the absorbent part of the nappy consists of a flip out tongue style insert which tucks inside a pocket, the reasoning behind the internal pocket is that it allows for faster drying and also additional boosting if needed.

There are rise poppers on the front of the nappy which can be adjusted as your baby grows, there is also the choice of two fastening options, Aplix and poppers, the popper version has two rows of poppers across the front of the nappy allowing the waist and thighs to be set as required. The aplix fastening option has a strip of attachable fabric across the front and the aplix tabs on either side of the nappy fold back onto themselves for washing. Unlike other aplix fastening nappies I’ve yet to find a TotsBots attached to something else in the washer.

Caring for your TotsBots Easyfit v3

The nappy can be washed without untucking any inserts at the max temp of 60, with 1/4 of your normal amount of detergent, DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER!

You will find the tongue insert has un-tucked itself by the end of its wash, it’s best to leave it this way til the nappy is dried. The nappy can dry quiet quickly but if airing I would allow overnight, tumble dry on low to protect the PUL outer.

The Pros & Cons


Fast Drying, easy to grab nappy
Awesome designs and released regularly
Completely fool proof nappy


Fit! They didn’t worked great for Quentin but are Fab on Megan
Absorbency feels less than some other brands
Not cut out for night-time use unless you intend on boosting

My Experience

I will be the first to admit I never got a very good fit with the v2 version of the Totsbots Easyfit on Quentin, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started using them on Megan, I have to say her shape is better suited to the Easyfit, We have no issues with either the v2 or v4 versions. The nappy is simple to use and one of the first to be grabbed once the washing is done as I know I don’t have to hunt for the various inserts, just tuck in the tongue and go!!
I do feel the nappy could do with extra absorbency, but the pocket does allow space for additional inserts, As a standard nappy I would avoid using them for night-time wear unless you intend on boosting.

The Verdict

Style & Squishiness 5/5 – Awesome selection of prints, as well as plain colours and a good fit
Absorbency 3/5 – Sufficiently absorbent, and easily boosted as well
Ease of use 5/5 – Other than tucking the insert back into the nappy after washing these are as easy as you will ever get for a cloth nappy
Price 5/5 – Ace Nappy! Fab quality – Love them!

Buy the Tots Bots v3 here


I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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