Focus On – The Itti Bitti Tutto

Vital Statistics

Nappy Type: All in two
Fabrics: PUL and Bamboo but Microfibre inserts also available
Size Range: One size fits most from around 3kg to 20kg
In the pack: Plush Minki Cover with three inserts
Colours or Prints: Both, Itti regularly release limited edition prints
RRP: £17.50

The Itti Bitti Tutto is a lovely slim one size nappy, the minki cover makes the whole nappy very soft. The inside of the Tutto cover has additional (optional) poppers to prevent wing droop and an elasticated ‘poo fence’ to prevent up the back escape-poos.

The Outer

The soft minki outer has three rows of of adjustable poppers to allow the nappy to have a shorter or longer rise depending on the age of the baby. There is also a row of single poppers across the top of the outer which is for fastening the nappy, these can be crossed over as well so the overall nappy can be made quiet small.

The Inserts

The best way to get the set up of the inserts is to watch the video, but there are basically three of a potential four inserts provided (an additional mini booster can be added if needed)
Two inserts are similar to a ‘T’ shape and on is a small oblong shape.
On the underside of all the included inserts there are colour coded poppers, for the standard set up all you need to do is match up the poppers on the underside of the inserts to the same colour on the inside of the cover.

You can switch them round if greater absorbency is needed on front instead of the back, or add an additional mini booster if needed. you don’t have to use all the inserts all of the time, it may take a little trial and error to define the best combination for your baby.

Caring for your Tutto

The Outer shell and inserts can be washed together at the max temp of 60, with 1/4 of your normal amount of detergent, DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER!

Absorbency is built up gradually, rather than several washes in a row, short wears are a good way of building up the absorbency.

You don’t need to separate the various parts (so don’t worry about poo fingers) however avoid tumble drying the covers. The inserts do dry better if they are fully opened and separated from the outers.

The Pros & Cons


Fab show off nappy
Fantastic prints
Flexible Absorbency
Can buy matching Wetbags and accessories


Putting the nappies back together after washing can be time consuming
Absorbency takes a while to maximise
Can work out a little more expensive if you get obsessed with owning one of every colour and print (trust me it happens)
The rise can be an issue if your baby is particularly long in the bottom

My Experience

I’ve used my tuttos on two babies now, I love the outer and have used extra sets of inserts to prolong the use of the nappy (so it can be used for more than one change) I would certainly recommend at least 7-8 washes (or short uses) to get the best absorbency from the inserts, the absorbency certainly improves with use so don’t be put off if you find them leaking in the early days.

To get an idea of the scale of the one size fits most, my newborn girl was able to comfortably wear a tutto from birth with one main insert, my three year old who weighs about 15kg still fits in them though I admit I can no longer make him keep it on and the rise is a little low on him (builders bum effect)

The Verdict

Style & Squishiness 5/5 – cuddly bums all round
Absorbency 4/5 – takes a while to get the best out of them but they’re worth it!
Ease of use 3/5 – Once you’ve mastered the ideal setting for your baby they’re ace
Price 4/5 – Not the cheapest nappy out there, you can get better use out of them with additional insert sets
Bitti Tutto nappies are currently on special offer with up to 25% off at Babi Pur including some fabulous prints.  Only while stock lasts!


I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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