Focus On – The bumGenius Flip System

The bumGenius Flip is a ‘One-Size’ ‘Hybrid’ nappy system.

As a ‘one’ sized system the nappy wraps are adjustable as your baby grows. The hybrid element of the system is the variety of different insert options that can be used.

The Demonstration videos have been split into four; allowing you to quickly access the part that interests you.

The Flip Wrap

The Flip wrap can be used with flip inserts or as a wrap for a fitted nappy. It is adjustable it fit babies from birth through to potty training. The popper fastening makes for a hard wearing a long lasting cover, velcro has a lifespan and starts to loose strength especially with repeated washing and wearing that you get with washable nappies. There are plenty of stretchy elasticated bits around the leg gusset and the back for a nice trim and tidy fit on your baby. The idea is you re-use the outer wrap and replace the inserts after each use. You will need to change the wrap once or twice each day more if the wrap gets soiled.

[youtube WsdUiVc75bY]

Pros & Cons


Birth to potty or One size Wrap so you don’t need to buy different sizes
Can be used for Fitteds & Prefolds


Fit might not be so good on smaller babies
Come in popper fastening only

The Organic Insert

The Organic insert is a natural, high absorbency, 100% Oeko-Tex certified natural organic cotton. It is a tri-fold insert which can be left unfolded to enable faster drying. The large square pad of organic cotton fabric measuring roughly 38cm (15 in) square (expect shrinkage when washing). The material has two stitched lines running in two directions dividing the nappy into 9 squares, you fold the fabric in thirds along these lines to make to make a rectangle and place the fabric inside the flip cover. This is a great choice for people wanting natural fibres next to their babies skin while still being able to use the versatility of the flip nappy.

[youtube mPHJPHZcPWM]

Pros & Cons


Super Absorbent
Organic & Natural fibres


Requires several pre-washes to develop absorbency
Can look bulky
Can take a while to dry

The Stay Dry Insert

The Stay dry insert is a ‘No Fuss’, simple soaker pad ideal for the changing bag, super absorbent and quick drying! The stay dry layer on the top of the insert locks wetness away from your babies skin. There are two stitched lines at one end where you fold the material to fit different size babies, this gives you 3 size options and words are stitched into the material, small, medium and large. . .simple really. The flip stay dry insert is a popular choice for normal daytime use.

[youtube lLzRrkltSOA]

Pros & Cons


Easy to use
Slim fitting
Stay dry ability keeps moisture from babies skin
Quick drying


Not as absorbent

The Disposable Insert

The convenience factor of being able to use an Eco-disposable soaker pad means if your away or out for the day you can still use your flips and dispose of the pad after use.

This is the only disposable nappy to achieve Oeko-Tex certification which means it has been independently tested for harmful substances and has been found to pose no risk to health whatsoever. The flip disposable insert is incredibly soft, it doesn’t feel like a disposable nappy at all and that’s probably down to the bamboo viscose outer material.

[youtube oKQODPNDoMA]

The flip disposable can be composted or put with your green garden to be recycled, check with your council recycling department. The flip disposable insert is made from the following natural materials; 5g of non-woven bamboo viscose, 14-15g of wood pulp (this is the absorbent part), 3g of SAP and 1g of starch based glue. All this is natural material that biodegrades but from what we’ve heard the european certification is likely to state the disposable insert is up to 97% biodegradable due to the starch based glue. Still the best disposable nappy option by a million miles on our opinion.

Pros & Cons


Fab for holidays & days out
Provide convenience


Doesn’t prevent landfill
Still small amount of chemicals against baby’s skin

Washing the Flip

When buying any nappy we always recommend washing at least once before using. The Organic Insert is a natural material and benefits from several pre-washes before it reaches optimum absorbency. So a wash and limited time wear will allow you to build up several washes before using for and extended period (ie overnight), doing a short wear also means you are not repeatedly washing clean nappies.

The Flip wrap and Inserts (with the exception of the disposable insert) can be stored in a dry pail until ready for washing. The max. recommended wash temperature is 60. The Wrap should be air dried but the inserts can be tumble dried on low.

Buy bumGenius Nappies Here

Please feel free to add your own comments, reviews & experiences with the Flip nappy system.


I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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4 Responses

  1. EmilyS says:

    Thanks for the detailed look, this is a nappy on my list to try next!

  2. Grace says:

    We have these and love them. Of all our nappies, they provide the best fit; we’ve only ever had one leakage with these, and that was after eight hours with a very heavy wetting baby! They look smart, they don’t leave red indentations on my little boy’s skin like some nappies do and they are very convenient. I’ve been surprised with how absorbent the cotton inserts have become with repeated washing – initially the microfibre ones were more absorbent, but time really does favour the cotton.

    We haven’t tried the disposable inserts. I’m not sure I really see the point of them. Why not just use a disposable nappy? Perhaps I’m missing something!

    I didn’t start using these until my little boy was nine months old, so I don’t know how they work out with a smaller baby, but if I could only have one type of reusable nappy, I’d pick these, for economy, convenience, comfort and practicality. I only wish they came in more exciting patterns!

  3. Di says:

    I bought a couple of Flips with extra inserts and have been impressed at the stay-dry top layer, it really does stay dry! They’re also very leakproof. I bought the disposable inserts for weekends away where I can’t wash my nappies – I simply rinse out one outer wrap whilst he’s wearing the other. Simples!

  4. Sara says:

    Bumgenius Flip

    This is a very exciting development in the world of washables – a nappy which combines the usual washable system with the option of having disposables. I say it’s an exciting new development, but my Mum claims that this system – a disposable pad with a washable outer – is how disposables started out back in the 70s, so I guess there’s nothing new in the world!
    Bumgenius are a great brand, and the nappies are successful and work well. The washable insert is the standard bumgenius quality, and is to be used with the waterproof wrap. I will focus on the disposable insert, though, because the washable bumgenius has been reviewed elsewhere.
    The disposable insert looks, well, basically like an incontinence pad. Which I suppose is what it is. Instead of using the washable insert, you stick in the disposable one, and nappy change time, you bin the insert, and re-use the wrap. The wrap is birth to potty with poppers for adjustment, and the insert folds for different sizes – although I found this to be fiddly and not necessary (my son is on the middle size). The wrap is slimmer than the usual bumgenius wrap, and doesn’t have the pocket – it’s more or less a one-layer wrap.
    So, does it work? In a word, yes. We tried these out on some long car journeys and a weekend away – it does say ‘great for travelling’ and we’re not original people! The disposable insert held well, and we only had one leak, but that was after several hours. It’s a bizarre system if you’re not used to it; the insert comes out saturated with wee and all scrunched up, but it doesn’t seem to affect performance. So the first point – baby stays dry.
    Fit – this is a slimline nappy; my son’s trousers were too big with it! It’s as close as you can get to the fit of a disposable (not surprising, that…). The wrap was a good fit on the legs and the waist.
    Ease of use – easy peasy! Nappy changes were swift – no need to even totally remove the wrap, just whip out the wet insert and put the new one in. After 1 day and several nappy changes, I had…one wrap in my laundry basket! Wow! I was travelling to London – so 7+ hours in the car, and I put my son in the disposable inserts the day before – it meant that my washables were clean for the suitcase, and I didn’t have a bucket or a bag with smelly nappies in the car for the journey. (We do usually!) The wrap washes easily – can even be rinsed under the tap if you’re in a hotel, or a tent!! – and it dries very quickly; I’d say it was ready to use after air drying in an hour or so (in a dry warm house). Brilliant.

    Any downsides? One or two. The wrap is quite plasticky and after sitting in the car for several hours my son did have a slight red mark from it – you don’t get this on standard bumgenius nappies because they have soft lining inside.
    We had to use the disposable insert with a different wrap (a pop-in wrap – and it worked) after a large poo spread all over the wrap – you won’t get away with just the one wrap! The nappy did hold it all, though – but the insert had scrunched.

    Otherwise, a brilliant system and we will definitely be using the disposable inserts again when we’re travelling – it’s convenient, you’re not filling the car with smelly nappies, and it works.

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