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We welcome the Ecobubs – a recent addition to the Babipur cloth nappy collection!
The nappy demonstration video above is filmed using a medium sized Ecobub.

The Ecobubs is a sized, side snap, pocket nappy. It comes in three sizes and a range of lovely stripy designs.

Small 3.5 – 7Kg (7 – 15lbs) Rise 34cm
Medium 5 – 12Kg (11 – 26lbs) Rise 46cm
Large 11Kg + (24lbs +) Rise 50cm

This nappy comes with it’s own fast drying micro-fibre insert (two are required for overnight) which is placed into the “pocket” in-between the Wool/PUL and the micro fleece layer.

The wool outer is breathable and really soft and there’s a thin layer of pul to keep the moisture in, the insert is made of microfibre and unfolds to allow quick and easy drying. The wool mix is very breathable and is great for regulating your baby’s temperature – keeps baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

Caring for the Ecobub

It is surprisingly easy to care for this nappy, there is no need to lanolize the the wool – in fact the nappy just goes into the washing machine and can even be tumble dried!

I found it dries in as little as 30 minutes (outside in the sunshine) which means you get a very fast turnaround of nappies and don’t need to buy as many.

Pros & Cons


Really fast drying (meaning you need fewer nappies)
Great fit for each size as your baby grows
Easy to use
Great for night-time
Great resale value


Need to buy the next size up as your baby grows

It’s a really easy to use nappy. You basically wash, dry, stuff and go! Buy Ecobubs

Please feel free to add your own comments, reviews & experiences with the Ecobub.


I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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2 Responses

  1. Emma says:

    I have to say I was pretty excited to try another new nappy and a wool version too.
    I picked the black and pink stripy ecobubs in large so eventually my youngest girl can use it too.
    I was very impressed that Babipur sent it that day and it arrived the next day.
    I opened up the parcel, and I was in love instantly. I really couldn’t wait to put it on my eldest daughter that I never pre-washed it as I wanted to trial its absorbency from new.
    Well how long did it last? I deliberately left my daughter in the nappy for as long as possible, but decided that after 7 hours I needed to change her as I couldn’t leaver her too much longer in it. It wasn’t even showing any signs of leaking and she probably could have gone on another couple of hours in it.
    I know Ecobubs suggest this nappy can be used as a night time nappy and lots of people would want to add more boost to it, but I am actually going to trial it as a night nappy and see how it performs.
    Okay well it leaked, just as I expected, but I never added any other booster to it as the website suggests, so my on fault there!
    The fitting of the nappy is fantastic, and my daughter looked very cute in it. My only negative of this nappy is it is a little bit bulky, but then what can I expect for a nappy that has a fantastic absorbency?
    It dried very well on the line, including the insert. I did find it a little tricky to add the insert in properly so it was nice and flat and not twisted anywhere, but within two attempts or so it was stuffed properly.

    Overall I am extremely pleased with this nappy and very happy I was allowed to trial it. I said I wasn’t going to get any more nappies as we have quite a lot, but I am definitely considering adding another one of these to my stash!

    I would love to see some new designs 🙂

    Reliability: 10/10
    Absorbancy: 10/10
    Cuteness: 9/10
    Drying Speed: 8/10
    Slimness: 7/10
    Value for money: 8/10


  2. kat says:

    we have ecobubs for grannies and night times and I think they are fab. You don’t need to prewash because they are microfibre and they dry really quickly for this reason too. I love that they feel so soft and although the wool outer is not particularly breathable because of it’s PUL layer I find it prevents leaks from the leg area. They are my husband’s favourite nappy. I only need to stuff with an extra microfibre cloth for enough absorbancy for nights. I never bother buying extra inserts. I never had trouble getting the insert straight either. I put the cloth/booster inbetween the folded layers of the insert to keep it in place.

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