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(Video shows previous version of the pop in but the style of the nappy is still the same)

Pop-in Minkee review

Vital Statistics

Nappy Type: All in Two
Fabrics: Pul and Minkee
Size Range: One size Fits most approx. 7-35lbs
In the pack: Outer, and two inserts
Colours or Prints: Plain two-tone colours
RRP: £14.99

The Close Parent Pop in adapts to your babies growth by adjusting the nappy rise (as demonstrated in the video) there are four rise settings in total (most birth-potty nappies have three settings), so the size of the nappy can be smaller if needed. The inserts can be reduced or increased to your requirement but can also increase bulk.

The Outer

The outer has a double gusset which makes it practically bomb proof and there is a small fleece area under where the insert sits which I believe is designed to stop any leaks that pass through the inserts and penetrate the cover

The only fastening option available is hook and loop which provided a decent range of fit, and the four levels of rise poppers meant they fitted my toddler on the rise height for along time. (over 2yrs old)

The Inserts

The inserts are made from minkee which is a synthetic fabric.  There are two inserts supplied with the standard nappy, you can use the larger one on its own of both depending on the babies needs.

Additional night boosters can be purchased if needed but these do increase the bulk of the nappy considerably and will work better once the nappy is being used on the larger settings.

Caring for your Pop-in +Minkee

The Outer shell and inserts can be washed together at the max temp of 60, with 1/4 of your normal amount of detergent, DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER!

You don’t need to separate the various parts (so don’t worry about poo fingers) however avoid tumble drying the covers. The inserts do dry better if they are separated from the outers.

The Pros & Cons


Easy to use
Adjustable fit and absorbency
Double gusset leak prevention


Can appear bulky when extra inserts added
Nappies will need re-building after washing
Aplix fastening only
Currently no prints in minkee version

My Experience

My  Pop-in +Minkee have lasted us well. I have both the current and previous version of the nappy and the most recent version has modifications to the outer (as described above) they were all used for my son who is now 3 and also from birth with Megan. They adjust in size really well and the double gusset really helps when your baby falls between sizes on the rise as the elastic and second rim make up for the size (where the nappy is slightly larger on the rise). I personally find the minkee version less absorbent than the bamboo version but overall the Pop-ins are excellent nappies.

The Verdict

Style & Squishiness 3/5 – Limited colours, some pretty minkee nappies would be nice
Absorbency 4/5 – Not as absorbent as the bamboo version but still very good, it would only be an issue if your baby was a heavy wetter.
Ease of use 3/5 – Due to the re-building of the nappies after washing, otherwise really easy to use once built.
Price 5/5 – Great nappy for the price!

Buy Pop-in +Minkee here


I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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