Focus On – bumGenius V4 with Snaps

Vital Statistics

Nappy Type: Pocket
Fabrics: PUL & Microfibre
Size Range: One size fits most (approx 7-35lbs)
In the pack: Nappy outer and two microfibre inserts
Colours or Prints: Both
RRP: £15.99

The bumGenius v4 is a lovely simple one size nappy, it’s available in a variety of colours and limited edition prints and two different fastening options, This article will concentrate on the Snaps (Popper) fastening Version of the nappy.

The Outer

The nappy has a smooth textured waterproof pul outer there are three rows of rise snaps (poppers) which will adjust the size of the nappy and a double row of closure snaps, these work best when used in pairs but you can use different lower or upper snaps if you have a baby with chunky thighs, on the inside of the v4 cover there is a soft lining which forms the pocket of the nappy, there is a wide slot where the insert slots in.

The Inserts

The v4 comes with two inserts, one adjustable insert and one standard newborn microfibre inserts. any combination of the inserts can be used. However it is important that the inserts are used within the pocket of the nappy, as microfibre fabric will chaff the skin of your baby.

Caring for your V4

The bumGenius v4 only requires one wash before use. When washing avoid temperatures higher than 60, and use 1/4 of your normal dose of detergent. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER! It will impede the absorbency of the fabric.You don’t need to separate the various parts for washing, however they dry better separately and you should avoid where possible tumble drying the Outer. Regular tumble drying will shorten the lifespan of the PUL.

The Pros & Cons


Really easy to use and get a consistent fit every time.
Toddler proof (they can’t take their own nappy off)
Flexible and easy to adjust nappy
Perfect for Dads or Nursery


Nappies will need re-building after washing

My Experience

My V4′s are on their second bottom now! Megan has worn them since birth using the single newborn insert and now uses the main adjustable insert on it’s lowest setting. Quentin happily wore these as well right up til he was in training pants. Overall they are a fab, well functioning nappy.

The Verdict

Style & Squishiness 3/5 – Not the prettiest of nappies but certainly function well
Absorbency 4/5 – Might need extra boosting as your baby gets bigger (ie 18months +)
Ease of use 5/5 – You can build and use these with your eyes closed
Price 5/5 – Great Price, certainly do the job well.


I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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