Flip Potty Training Pants, Long Term Reviews

Flip Training Pants Review

Flip training pants were released a while ago now and we sent some out to be tested by real mums and real potty training children.  Thanks to both Nicola and Chelle for taking the time to write a review for us.

Nicola writes

Since Quentin turned 26 months we started a slow journey towards toilet training, every now and then we would introduce Quentin to his training pants and the potty to see his response to using it.

Unfortunately he’s not been quick off the mark, several times we’ve abandoned attempts to get the ball rolling due to lack of word, body language and ability to react to his bodily functions.

at 32 months he’s finally got the idea and using the flip training pants has helped us a lot.

they provide a sufficient barrier to allow wetness without an instant clothes leakage. the organic cotton pad still allows him to acknowledge that he’s wet and feel the discomfort of the wetness.

we use the training pants full time for three days a week as he goes to a childminder and it saves a lot of clothes changes. the rest of the time the flip pants get used on car journeys, trips out shopping or anywhere else that potty usage may be too public or where public toilet access is scarce.

we started using the training pants set to the middle rise and smaller waist setting but found that the fit was too close and quentin had difficulty pulling the pants down himself. We now use the largest setting on both, it does give him a saggy bottom but we’ve not had wet or poo leaks on this setting. The cover provides a close enough fit to prevent them. Quentin still regularly poos in the training pants (he really seems to like the feel of warm, squishy poos) but the success of dealing with wetness and the lack of poo leakage has impressed me. I also love the fact that they are adjustable in size, had we purchased sized training pants we would have probably ended up replacing them for a larger set due to the length of time it’s taken him be successful with the potty. the only down side i’ve found is as with most of the flip organic cotton inserts they are prone to staining, they do sun out well (when we actually get some sun) but it’s just one of those things. For us the pros definitely outweigh the cons.


Chelle writes

Flip Potty Training Nappy

Fizz has now been cloth bummed for nearly two years and it’s getting to the point where we can’t really put off nappy training for much longer.

When Babi Pur offered us a Flip potty training pant set  we jumped at the chance.

I had already entered into a discussion regarding the cost of the pants. At £27.99 it can seem quite an investment for a parent to make. As we are budgeting at the moment I divided how many wears you could get by the money and then how much it would cost for the disposible alternative. At less than £10 a wear it seemed that it would be equivalent to two pack of a popular brands princess or cars 22 nappy pack. Now this pack may not last a week with most households…..and again if you are thinking of more children you far outweigh the cost benefits.

What I liked most about the flips were that they had were easily layered. So if your child is not quite ready for the potty but doesn’t want to wear nappies these are great for the interim as you can still use a flip nappy liner in for night time.

The absorbancy was comparable to other potty training pants but as with most organic inserts there was no nappy rash for Fizz. The inserts dry really quickly – within 24 hours or less. And I do like the fact that they have dividing lines so you can fold over.

So after the initial expense I believe you could probably get away with having 2 flip training pants and get them early on so that you can switch the inserts.

What I don’t understand is the outer seems a great way to promote the birth to potty sales. The outer fits both the flip nappy inserts and then upgrade to the potty liners. The press stud front panel means that this is definitely an option for those saving savvy mums.

And for the fashion conscious parent I hear they are making the side panels interchangable. Clash your brights or match them!


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