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We’ve asked real mums and dads to tell us what they think about the new bumGenius Flip Nappy.  Real reviews by real parents.  We’d love to here what you think as well so if you find this page useful then why not add your own flip nappy review in the comments section below.


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16 Responses

  1. Nicola says:

    Having used the bumGenuis Flip for a little over a week now, I Love them! They are easy to use, trim and super soft! The stay dry inners have a lush suede cloth top and really compact – perfect change bag nappy, and the organic inners are super thirsty and has kept my super soaker leak free through the night. The Flip is a good ‘All-Round’ nappy, perfect for any nappy stash!

  2. Claire says:

    I am so impressed with these nappies. I am a very busy person by nature and am always out and about so wanted a nappy that would be easy to use on the hop. With these nappies I only need to take out a spare cover (you can re-use the cover during the day as long as it is not soiled) and about three/four inserts for a full day out (my boy is 2).
    I bought both the bamboo and the stay dry inserts, but have to say I find the stay dry ones a little easier as they are less fiddly with a wriggler esp. when changing a no.2. Both are super absorbent though and I have never had a leak, and I even use them during the night.
    Both are easy to wash and dry really quickly because they are not large and bulky.
    The thing that I like the best about them though is that they are so economical. Because they are one-size fits all, you dont have to buy more nappies as your child gets older, they are compact and the cover is re-usable so you are washing less and the product itself is relatively cheap.
    I am really looking forward to using them with my second child who is due in May. I think they will look great under her little summer dresses.
    I would highly recommend these nappies to anyone!

  3. Amanda says:

    Just wanted to say how impressed I am with these flip nappies. They are so easy to use! I have been using the stay dry inserts during the day and the organic cotton inserts at nights with no leaks at all. At the moment I am going through 1-2 wraps a day and about 5-6 inserts which means a lot less washing and less space needed in my nappy bag. My daughter is 6 months and quite a heavy wetter. I LOVE these nappies. Thank You Bum Genius! Thank You Babipur! Mandy X

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m so happy with the flip. The cover is made from a great material – much thinner and flexible/stretchable than I thought, but still very sturdy and soft. They seem to be cut on the large size – they fit our son and though he has out grown some other birth-to-potty nappies but there is plenty of room for him still in these. I do wonder if that means they might not fit a very little wee baby, but they fold down and because of the unique material of the cover, maybe it wouldn’t be a problem. They certainly seem to be a slim fit on him (though not super-slim) and we have not had a single problem with leaks of any sort. I was worried about only using the one insert as we normally have a booster in on his bum genius v3s but as I said, haven’t had a single problem yet.

    I’ve tried both the organic and the stay dry inserts and both seem to work equally well. They both fit into the cover perfectly and stay put when on. For the most part they also stay put when we are chaning our son, even though he is quite a wriggler, but it does take a little bit more concentration/dexterity so I’m going to stick with pockets for the child minder. The stay dry inserts however dry incredibly fast and don’t need to be folded, so unless you are after organic in particular, then I would go for the stay dry for simplicity and fast drying. (That said, compared to most nappies I think the organic insert is pretty fast drying and quite simple as well.)

    The inside of the insert is wipe-able, so we’ve taken advantage of the fact that you can swap just the insert when changing the nappy. It makes the change take a little bit longer, but is still very handy. We used these while travelling and found them to be great travel nappies even without the disposable inners. (I hand washed the inserts which was a bit eck :& but still, I felt like because the construction of these is so simple, I could really tell that everything was clean and fresh when done.)

    I think the one down side is the colours. I love the brightness of these, but I’ve tried to get gender neutral colours in the past and that wasn’t really an option here. That said, I did get some of the pink ones for my son (I was thinking if a have a daughter next she’s going to have a lot of blue to wear so why can’t my son wear a bit of pink?) and I think because the colour is so strong, it’s not a girly pink, if you know what I mean.

  5. peter says:

    Thanks for the flip review Sarah.

    New flip colours will be coming out in May, these will be the same as the other bumGenius colours, butternut, grasshopper, blossom and twilight

  6. Sandra Smith says:

    I have had my new Flip stay dry nappies for a couple of weeks now and love them!
    I have 9 month twin boys and they are both really big for their age and these nappies look like they’ll last the distance with quite a high rise for taller babies and lots of adjustment ability with all the coloured snaps!
    They are amazingly absorbant for how slim they are and they are my new favourites as they fit great under the twins clothes 🙂
    They are really soft against their wee bums and are just so easy to use!
    Just awaiting the arrival of the organic ones I have ordered and also can’t wait till new colours come out too cause i’ll no doubt buy more 🙂

  7. Iona says:

    I’ve used re-usuable nappies (bamboo Terry squares and Totsbots bumhuggers) since my wee boy was 4 months. Now he is 20 months and he really protests so much with nappy changing, that I had started using disposables when I was not up for the wrestling match.

    When I heard of FLIP and the offer at Babipur, I thought it was worth a try, and after trialling a couple, I ended up buying more!

    So to compare my experience of FLIP with the squares and bumhuggers…

    The pros – **slimline** – no bigger than disposables (so now we can use just the one size of trouser – we were using one size for disposables, and one size up for the terry’s squares!), neat fit at the legs and back so no major leaks, thin and sturdy-looking wrap, no need to buy different sizes, dries super-fast (fitted nappies take longer to dry in the creased areas).

    The cons – the insert can dislodge when your toddler is running about, which is fine for wet nappies, but poo can get onto the wrap more easily, but saying this, this is pretty easy to clean off.

    I am happy to stick with the re-usable insert when out and about as they don’t take up much space at all, but I do actually still use a paper liner (as with the Terry’s squares) so I have less contact with any offensive material!

    All in all, FLIP are fab! They are convenient and user-friendly, and I am really happy to have been re-converted and doing my bit for the environment again!

  8. Gretchen says:

    After 10 months of using Pampers and promising ourselves we would change to non-disposables as soon as baby went through fewer nappies, we finally took the plunge last month. We intended to buy the normal Bumgenius as my friends use them, but we came across the Flip concept and liked it.

    It is an expensive inital outlay by the time you buy the outers, the inners, nappy bucket and paper liners (like Iona we use these to make things easier to clean and it also protects the liners from nappy creams). But we hope it will ultimately be cheaper over the long term. Our baby is 11 months and is on the second (of three) dome setting and there is plenty of space widthways as well, so there is a lot of room to grow (admittedly he is of slight build).

    So far, so good. Aside from the usual pros of using non-disposables (cost and environmentally friendly) we are finding that they compare favourably with disposables both in terms of fit and convenience.

    My friends found the Bumgenius nappies were quite bulky. Because the Flip outer shell is so thin there is no such issue here. The liners are not much bulkier than a single disposable and are easily transportable (I’m not so fond of the idea of carting around a number of dirty nappies mind).

    The liners are extremely absorbant, although I think disposables have the edge in this regard as I have to change my boy a little more frequently now. That’s clearly attributable to the chemicals and it’s been quite a revelation seeing how much my boy was wetting. He is suffering from a little more nappy rash than before which we’re hoping will improve as we get better at changing him more frequently.

    The outer shell can get a bit dirty on the edges as the inner liner shifts around, but the shell does a great job of containing mess. This compares favourably to disposables. We had a few problems with leaking disposables, but admittedly this was probably more to do with incorrect fitting thanks to a squirming baby. The Flip dome system ensures the fit is always right (hence no leaks), although the squirming baby issue remains. (I’m not sure how they would perform with an unweaned baby where everything is fluid).

    As the other posters noted, the shell does not need to be washed straight away. It can be wiped clean and then reused until you are ready to wash it. This massively reduces the laundering load (and the need for multiple shells), especially if you are happy to reuse shells with slight soiling on the edges for a while longer. As for the inners, they wash well and dry fast (although we use the dryer as per the instructions), but you need a lot of them. We are going through about 5-6 a day and are currently washing them every other day becuase we only brought 8, so we clearly need to buy more as doing so many washes is not efficient.

    Probably my only complaint is that the liners stain and as you are not supposed to use laundry additives, it seems it will not be possible to keep them pristine white with the help of whiteners. Maybe in the summer, a bit of sun will bleach them. This is just aesthetics though.

    All in all, we are pleased with these nappies. We find them sufficently comparable to disposables in terms of ease of use and convenience to make the conversion easy. Most of all we are delighted to no longer be contributing to the plastic landfill.

  9. Emilie says:

    I was sceptical about these to begin with as there is nothing to hold the insert in, but after having tried them i’m in love with them. It doesnt matter that the inserts aren’t held in place, and they are soooo absorbant that the first time i used them my son wore it for 8 hours in the day after he slept for ages and there was no leaks, im sure he could have gone longer if he tried! I just wish they did more colours! I am stocking up on more, and i am now using the inserts for other pocket nappies as well! I love that they are really slim fitting compared to lts of our other nappies, they fit under any outfit. I have yet to try the disposable insert though…

  10. Ros says:

    We switched over to washables after using the flip nappy. Had been meaning to start when my daughter was about 3 months or so, but it took till 8 months to bring myself to face the extra washing. However, the flip nappy is SO easy to use and not that much extra washing at all. we’ve used the microfibre insert and the disposable insert. Both are great, although the disposable one does get a bit scrunched up in between her legs after a while, but still managed to be absorbent so not too bothered. Only time we’be hasd a leak was when she’d been wearing a disposable insert for about 4 hours (been asleep no not changed her) and she was sitting on my lap with just a nappy and vest on…I got a soggy leg pretty quickly as she wriggled around! we’ve got about 6 covers and 6 stay dry inserts plus a bag of disposables (which we use for going out so I don’t have to carry wet/dirty inserts) which seems enough for us as she gets through about 4-6 inserts a day and 1-2 covers, and I wash every 3 days or so. Great nappy, great price and I feel a glow of pride in doing my bit for the environment at last, every time I see my little one’s flip covered bottom wriggling off as super sonic crawling speed! Looking forward to when the sun finally comes out in scotland so I can be even more environmentally conscious and dry them on the line rather than the tumble dryer!

  11. Vici says:

    We recently tried the Flip nappy using stay dry inserts and were very impressed. Despite this being one of the slimmest nappies we own it is very absorbant and we have had no leaks. I did however occasionally found that the insert had moved in the cover becoming “bulked up” before changing time and this meant that 1, it could have meant leaks and 2, it may have got uncomfortable (neither of these have been noticed in our use). Overall, a FAB nappy

  12. Wendy says:

    We have a few Flips in our stash and find them a fab out an about nappy, They are soo easy to fit into the change bag and we find them very reliable 🙂

  13. Linzy says:

    Flip stay dry: I love these. They are slim fitting and easy to use. Great for taking out with us. I put a nappy with a few inserts in (and an extra cover in case of a poo) and it doesnt take up much room. It is very absorbant. My baby has skinny legs so it is hard to get a good fit on some nappies but they fit great. My baby was in these from 11.5 lbs and they have never been bulky! Great nappy!

  14. Francesca Jones says:

    fab after reading these reviews I’m going to try theses thanks xxxx

  15. tesse says:

    I finally took the plunge last week after a rough start and all was well and i decided it was time to ditch the disposables.I was now confident enough to do so.we had been using biodegradeble ones but they did leak quite often.The ones i had were another brand(motherease) ones on i put my little girl to bed.the poor thing could not move in her lityle hammock

  16. Saj says:

    Flips are fantastic. I use them on all my nappies that need a wrap as well as with flip inners. My little one has been in her flips since she was 2 weeks old and weighed about 7lbs 3oz. Have 3 in addition to some Gen Y universals and much prefer the flips. Wish they’d make some pretty patterned ones though!

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