Flip n’ Swim Competition

CONGRATULATIONS  to Emma (comment No. 70)  who is the lucky winner of our Flip n Swim Competition! More competitions coming soon…………………

Peter’s been very busy today puting some great cloth nappy packs together!  I love the idea of the Flip Mixed trial pack which includes a Flip wrap, a stay dry & organic insert and a pack of biodegradable disposable liners.  What a great way to give the Flip nappy a try!   The Flip n Swim competiton prizes are 1 x Flip Mixed trial Pack & 1 x Bambinex Swim nappy.  To enter, all you need to do is answer the following question by commenting below “If you could have a weeks holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?” 

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All entries need to be with us before 11.59pm on the 9th of June 2010


  1. I would go to Greece, Ive only ever been abroad once when I was about 13 but Greece is somewhere I have always fancied going, I remember seeing a photo of a white sandy beach and beautiful blue sea *sigh*

  2. Hubby has leave next week and we are hoping to go to Bluestone in West Wales, beautiful accommodation, beaches and countryside, without even going abroad.

  3. I would go to devon, beautiful coastlines, beautiful places to visit, plenty of things to do with the kids. Who needs to go abroad when there is such lovely places on our doorsteps 😀

  4. I would go home to Canada with my family to spend a week with loved ones… and go for a swim with my baby!

  5. I would go back to Hawaii where we went on our honeymoon. We promised a bus driver we met there that we would return once we had had children and take them to see him and I would so love to go back and see if we can find him and show them!

  6. I would stay right here in Britain with my hubby and my daughter, we have so much countryside, beaches, cities to offer that it seems a shame to go too far away!

  7. Too much choice! I would love to go to Fiji on a holiday, I worked with street kids in Suva about 20 years ago and would love to go again, but this time to relax a bit!!!

  8. I’d go back to Wales to see all my family, good food, good beaches and good fun. Not so sure about the weather though, have to keep our fingers crossed!

  9. Do i really have to choose? I’m torn between taking the kids to Disney Land and a week on safari in Africa!

  10. account made with newsletters (must browse shop in a mo) and my typos are terrible sorry!

  11. I would stay at home and be a local tourist. I would employ a butler/cleaner/cook for the week though so we wouldn’t have to lift a finger at home! Baby too young really for Disney in Florida 🙂

  12. i would go to Borneo, to the orangutang sancturys, its somewhere i have always wanted to go and i woul love to take my little girl.

  13. ‘Like’ on FB anf following on Twitter and have retweeted, receive emails too. Pic added on FB too

    I would go back to St Lucia, absolutely gorgeous place, well I love the whole of the Caribbean but on our cruise this was my favourite island.

  14. I would go to Australia because it seems like a really beautiful place and I have friends over there that I have never met (became friends as penpals as teenagers).

  15. If i could go on holiday anywhere in the world, i would go to disney world florida, very boring and un original but my 4 girls would love it as would my husband and myself!

  16. I would love to go anywhere with white sands and blue seas with my hubbie as hes never been abroad,hopefully one day 🙂

  17. I’d love to go back to Jamaica where we had our honeymoon and take little pickle swimming in har new Bambinex swim nappy in the sea! Although I don’t fancy the 9 hour flight, so I’d like to go by teleportation please…is that possible?! 😉

  18. i would go to dubai, it looks beautiful and they have the whole world (islands) for me to explore lol

  19. Spain, La Manga with my girl friends because it’s out little bit of paridise away from life.

  20. If I could go anywhere I think it’d have to be New Zeland…although I fear week wouldn’t be long enough! 😀

  21. I would love to go to Vietnam – it looks so beautiful – mountains, jungle, beaches – and historically and culturally interesting too.

  22. Hi
    I would like to go somewhere to see the northen lights, possibly sweeden and see the ice hotel at the same time

  23. My favourite holiday destination would be Australia as I could catch up with old friends 🙂

  24. I would love to go to Hawaii but think the flight would be too long with 2 little ones, will stick to european breaks over the next few years.

  25. I would go to Sri Lanka and introduce my wonderful husband and children to my family who have never met them before. Its been over 10 years since I was back there and I miss it terribly.

  26. Machu Picchu with my 16 month old. Always wanted to visit Peru, I’ve rarely travelled (only once out of Europe) and think it would blow him away as much as myself

  27. dont think my comment posted – orlando florida, disneyworld/universal studios/waterparks etc!!

  28. The Galapagos Islands. It’s been a dream to go there since watching a David Attenborough documentary about it many years ago.

  29. Would love to go to Paris again, we went for our 1st wedding anniversary would love to go back with our girls.

  30. going back to Germany for Xmas market though no swimming involved, so for that Gran Canaria with Irish family

  31. I would go back to France again. We have been going there every year for the last five years but cannot go this year as we cant afford it as we have just moved 🙁

  32. Hmm tough one, I would like to go NZ or Australia (especially if the flights were a bit shorter).

  33. If I could go on holiday anywhere I’d go to Cornwall, beautiful scenery, lots of history and lots of beaches to take my baby! 🙂 My OH’s family live there too so it’d be nice and cheap for us tehe! 🙂

  34. i’d go to the canary islands, since that’s where my OH is at the moment and i’m pretty miserable over here without him in rainy old england!!!

  35. I would go to Sri Lanka – its omewhere i’ve always wanted to go and I am booked to leave on 2nd Oct for my honeymoon 😀 Can’t wait to see the elephants!!

  36. If I could go on holiday, it would be spain. Was supposed to be going at the end of July, was all booked up at the end of November 2009 and in December I found out I was expecting number 2! Alas when the in-laws go off to sun themselves I will be 38weeks pregnant and very jealous! Luckily I will have another cloth bummed cutie to ease the pain! 😉

  37. I would go to Jamaica so my son can meet his relatives and learn about his roots. This would enable us to test the swimming nappy on the white Sand beaches all over the island. I bet my son would be the envy of all the other babies on the beach with his choice of swimming attire.

  38. Id go to Sicily…my hubby is italian from 2 generations back in sicily but has never been. Id love to take our daughter back to the place daddy came from…

  39. There are lots of places I would like to go, but right now I would choose to go to Washington, DC, so my little boy could visit his American family. They don’t get to see him nearly often enough!

  40. what a great idea, flip and swim. Very happy with our flips, my Mum loves them more than the original BGs

  41. Toby (10 weeks) has just discovered that he loves swimming, had his first swim on Sunday! So a weeks holiday somewhere with warm seas, (Maldives?) would be ideal for us, where he could sit in the shade and splash in the pool and sea.

  42. I’d go to Edinburgh to visit my closest friend. I love the city of Edinburgh, its so interesting and I like the fresh Scottish air.

  43. I have a Babi Pur account (but somehow don’t receive newsletters?? I want! *checks spam folder in case…*)

  44. If I could go on holiday anywhere in the world I would take my family to Bora Bora in French Polynesia. The island is surrounded by a lagoon adn abrrier reef with a volcano in the centre. It would be an amazing place to see – so much culture, wildlife and natural history to investigate. It truely is a once in a lifetime holiday!

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