Feeling Lousy

Last week Little B (our eldest daughter) complained of an itchy head and after nearly a week of checking (and not finding anything!) we finally found not one but four little creatures living in her hair!  Well I must admit that I do feel a little guilty, I’ve always used a nit-comb on the girls regularly as a preventative measure but I’ve not been doing it much lately.  So.. how do we get rid of them?  I’ve spent hours on the internet looking for natural chemical free remedies to get rid of these unwanted visitors.  Some people recommend Mayonnaise, Olive oil came up quite a lot and most people suggest using a nit-comb on wet hair every few days for at least a month.

So we decided to start straight away, this is what we did last night…

1. Covered the hair in olive oil, placed a shower cap and towel on little B’s head and waited for 2 hours

2. Combed the hair (full of olive oil for 10 minutes)

3. Washed the hair 3 times to get rid of the olive oil

4. Added conditioner and used the fine comb again for around 20 minutes

5. Rinsed the hair and washed again with shampoo

6. Dried the hair with a hair dryer (which we don’t normally do)

But what do we do next..?  Should we do this every few days for the next month, or every day?  Would you do anything different and do you have any tips for preventing future infestations?

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3 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    Hi Jo!

    I have a daughter who has had them twice now. I comb and comb and comb (nitty gritty comb I believe is the best) and it doesn’t seem to get rid of them as they are easy to miss (she has a lot of hair). It is also time consuming! Olive oil is good but I don’t believe it will kill any eggs that haven’t hatched.

    I have used Hedrin ONCE which you can get from the supermarket. It isn’t a chemical that poisons them, it’s a colourless liquid which smothers the lice and also contains Penetrol which helps to penetrate louse eggs in order to kill them. I used it before Christmas and it did the trick. I used it for the second time on Sunday so I am yet to see if it has worked this time (although I did go through with comb this morning and found nothing – having found something everyday last week!). All the best!

  2. Kate says:

    I swear by neem oil watered down and slathered on. Then comb, comb, comb and repeat every other day until the rest of the kids are louse free and it stops spreading!

    Good luck!

  3. Becka says:

    Tea tree oil is AMAZING.

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