Reusable Sanitary Products

Ok, where to begin…….Since getting pregnant with Quentin and buying Cloth nappies for him I sprawled into the world of alternative (reusable) sanitary products. If he can have a nice soft bottom why can’t I!

The BIGGER Picture

Now a baby will go through over 5,000 disposable nappies before they’re potty trained, so imagine how many disposable sanitary products a women will throw away during her lifetime! over 10,000!!! The environmental impact must be immense!!!

What are the Alternatives?

Cloth Sanitary Protection or Pads (aka CSP)

Unlike the disposable variety, cloth pads are designed to be reused for many years. The traditional style pads that required belts are no longer the norm, but have been replaced with poppered wings that attach the pad to your underwear. They’re uber comfy and come in many shapes, styles and materials. It’s useful to purchase enough pads to take you through your period then wash them together ready for the next time you need them.
Here at Babi Pur we stock a variety of reusable menstrual pads by Imse Vimse, Sckoon and Fuzzi Bunz.  The Imse Vimse Pads and the Sckoon pads  are made from organic cotton which is great fro sensitive skin as well as being very absorbent.  The Fuzzi Bunz are made from microfibre which means you have a lovely soft and dry feeling next to your skin.  For Further Info see here

Menstrual Cups

Like tampons, the menstrual cup is worn internally. However the big difference is that the cup doesn’t absorb; it collects. For many women they will probably stop reading here! But it kind of makes sense. Instead of disposing of tampons down the loo; you empty the cup instead. There’s no mess going into the washing machine which does concern some people, and the cup just gets washed in the sink (like you would washing your hands after going to the loo). At the end of your period you sterilise the cup; and store it in the little bag provided for the next time its required. You only require one Mooncup as it iis reinsed and re-used.
For Further Info see here

Making the Switch

My first switch was to cloth pads, these helped me through the last part of my pregnancy to help with those laughter leaks that often occur when baby is pushing down on your bladder. Unfortunately I wasn’t brave enough to use them after birth but the uncomfortable experience of brick sized disposable pads for 6 weeks meant I never wanted to use them again!!

Now after 13 months my cycles are returning properly and having previously been an avid tampon user I gazed towards the mooncup as an alternative. Watch this space for feedback on my first cycle using a mooncup……


I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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