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A bike with no pedals?  It didn’t make much sense to me when my husband first mentioned these kid’s bikes which have no pedals or stabilisers yet are designed for children as young as 20 months.   The first thing I noticed was how ‘cool’ they look with the flame detailing on the wooden frame and the chunky wheels.  The reason they have no pedals is so that children can concentrate on learning to balance first.  Then they can learn to steer and stop with confidence.  The ‘Early Rider’  has ‘restricted steering’ to prevent children from over turning and falling over, once they have built their confidence it can then be changed to the ‘unrestricted steering’ setting. 

Lite Series – Pre 2-4 years

Weighing just 3.25 kg this is a great little bike which is suitable from 20 months will give your young child confidence and independence and help develop their balance and motor skills. 

Classic Series – 2-5 years

The original Early Rider and looks really cool!

Evolution Series – 3.5-6 years

This is the latest addition to the Early Rider range, designed to grow with your child’s confidence.  A great looking lightweight bike in the style of a chopper

Our daughters have been playing with their Early Rider bikes for a couple of weeks now and have already mastered balancing skills.  Isabelle (22months) is a little short for her ‘Lite’ bike and can only use it when she has shoes!  Harriet(3) has the ‘Classic’ and is really getting the hang of it.  These bikes attract lots of attention when we go out with the girls and people are always commenting on how beautifully made they are.  The quality and attention to detail really does show in these bikes.

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Visit the Early Rider website

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  1. Rid says:

    I still love these bikes. they’re vintage and supercool looking at the same time. Do they make them in adult sizes?

  2. Moobug says:

    Childishly, I agree!

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