Don’t Buy Cheap Bananas!

budgensWe as a family always buy Fairtrade bananas, it becomes such a habit that you forget sometimes why you buy them.  I was passed a link to this fantastic supermarket in London with an article on their website about Fairtrade bananas.  Just a little reminder!

What do we think?  Never ever ever buy bananas that are not fairtrade!  You are directly contributing to the exploitation of people in the developing world and there are no excuses.  You can’t plead ignorance these days, it’s been in the papers and on the news so don’t buy bananas if they’re not fairtrade. . . . simple!


  1. I couldn’t agree more! I believe that buying more Fairtrade bananas will send the message that we want this exploitation stopped. Imagine if EVERYONE bought Fairtrade bananas! Would there be enough for everyone? There would be if all the other bananas were Fairtrade too 🙂

    Jo x

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