Crayon Rocks from Babi Pur

crayon rocks

Children love to scribble, draw and create, and these brilliant Crayon Rocks are just the things to help them.

Crayon Rocks are different from ordinary crayons because they are natural crayons made from completely natural soy wax, instead of the usual paraffin wax. All the fantastically bright colours come from mineral pigments so they are non-toxic. And though we don’t recommend that any children munch on a crayon for their lunch, if they do have an accidental chomp on a Crayon Rock, they are completely safe.

And whilst they’re having so much fun with these brilliant natural and non-toxic crayons, kids are also developing some crucial skills. These special crayons are an unusual shape because they were developed by American Special Needs teacher Barbara Lee, who knew how important it was for all children to develop a good and strong “tripod” grip (using thumb, first and second fingers to grip). Traditional pencil-shaped crayons can sometimes encourage children to grasp them in their fist which doesn’t help them learn the tripod grip, or help them develop their fine motor skills.

The unique round shape of Crayon Rocks also really appeals to children and means they won’t snap or break as easy as traditional crayons, making them a great choice for nurseries and school groups. Crayon Rocks are available from Babi Pur in bags of 8 or 16, or in a bumper box of 64.

Crayon Rocks are not only a totally natural and non-toxic crayon but they’re also a brilliant tool for young children (recommended age 3+) who will love using the quirky shaped crayons and choosing from their vibrant colours. The crayons are really smooth and easy to use, which means that kids can layer colours, create fine lines and mix shades as they see their ideas come to life on paper. Just brush the finished creation with the palm of your hand for a lovely ‘oil pastel’ finished quality to their little masterpieces.

Crayon Rocks will inspire children to get creative and let their imagination run wild.




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