Competition! Win a new limited edition prints Itti Bitti changemat & Tutto nappy

Itti Bitti have  brought out a new range of limited edition prints for their gorgeously soft washable nappies and brand new changemats.  The changemats are made from a waterproof PUL minkee and a bamboo velour for baby to lie on.. absolutely gorgeous!

Here at Babi Pur, we’re giving away a limited edition Itti Bitti Tutto nappy of your choice as well as a limited edition change-mat.

All you need to do to enter this competition is comment below by finishing off the following sentence…    “I Love it when…..”

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It is important that you leave separate comments as each comment number is counted as an entry!

All entries need to be with us before midnight on Monday the 15th of August 2011

This competition is now closed and the winner is Comment number 195 Catherine!  Congratulations Catherine!!


  1. I love it when my son pees everywhere during baby massage, haha, well, not really 😛 I do love how much fun he has there though!

  2. I love it when I look at my babies and see how happy they are and knowing i must be doing a good job

  3. I love it when my daughter gets all excited about opening fluffy post. Like mother like daughter!

  4. I love it when I think about how I’m contributing to help save the country from landfills full of disposable nappies

  5. I love it when fluffy post arrives! you wait for the post man to arrive then squeel when you spot fluffy post and you just have to rip it open and stroke your new nappies!

  6. I love it when I get fluffy post.. even though I end up waiting by the window all day for the postie to bring it! 🙂

  7. I love it when the weather is warm enough that I can get out of bed in the morning without putting on my dressing gown, slippers and central heating.

  8. I love it when, I put my daughter into her Itti’s she strokes them lovingly going “oooh aahhh” with a big fat smile on her face.

  9. I love it when…..the sun shines (rare in scotland) makes me really happy – we get some much needs vitamin d and my nappies get some fresh air and sunlight. Makes everything seem a little brighter when the sun’s out (or so I’m told =))

  10. I love it when my toddler points to her nappy to tell me it’s wet and then takes it off! Maybe poppers would have been the more sensible choice afterall!

  11. I love it when the babies decide to have a lie in and I get half an hour to myself for once 🙂 (then I miss them and want to wake them up!)

  12. I love it when I can buy Itti Bitti Tuttos from Babi Pur in the UK and they arrive in NZ a week later! Fluffy mail is my fav.

  13. I love it when my 3 year old sits with my 18 month old doing action rhymes and seing the adoration in my youngests eyes.

  14. I Love it when….my 2 year old points to the ‘carnivale’ nappy and says it looks like the Hungry Caterpillar! I see what she means with the bright block prints! I like the Ayannah one the best though. She thinks her new baby brother or sister would like the Hungry Caterpillar nappy 😉

  15. i love it when i feel my unborn baby move for the first time inside of me, i am currently 12+4 with baby no.4 and i just can’t wait for that feeling <3 xxx

  16. I love it when my 17 month old son Oliver learns a new word and repeats it over and over again, at the moment his new word is “Cars 2” after seeing the trailer for the new film, and everytime he sees a picture of a car he says “Cars 2”!

  17. I love it when my daughter looks into my eyes and smiles. It makes me realise just how special she is and that every part of her is part of me. Love has no meaning until you have a child and hold them in your arms.

  18. I love it when my baby kicks inside me and I know I’ll get to hold baby in my arms very soon! 🙂 x

  19. I love it when people ask me why i use cloth – then i can tell them all about how i’m saving the enviroment 1 nappie at a time !

    But most of all im loving my sons laugh at the moment – a proper good chuckle for about 2 mins for no reason apart from me smiling at me – i am truly blessed !

    have joined facebook , posted link on my wall – and done a review on the sophie & toysitter !

  20. I love it when I get a new nappy in the post and as soon as I have it open my 2 year old daughter grabs it from me, strokes it and cuddles it and then runs off with it. She gets more excited over new nappies than she does toys.

  21. I love it when we have a day with nothing planned. No trips no jobs no errands. We all get to hang out as a family and just really enjoy each others company x

  22. I love it when …. Itti bitti bring out new prints because I go “Tutto-ly” crazy for them!!

  23. I love it when Arthur sees me across and a room and runs towards me with a big grin and his arms open for a hug!

  24. I love it when I ask Noah to pick a nappy to wear and he toddles off to get one then lays down in the opposite direction to wha i need him to be every time 🙂

  25. I love it when people ask me about cloth, and they’re really into it! I’ve had a few people change to cloth after asking me about it, so that really cheers me up on rough days. 🙂

  26. i love it when i look down at my son breast feeding and know that not only is he getting the best but also that he is growing and striving because of me 🙂

  27. I love it when my 14 month old starts dancing to the slightest beat or tune. Earlier today she started bopping when the washing machine played it’s finished song 😀

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  31. I love it when I walk into my son’s room in the morning and he’s standing in his cot with a huge smile on his face! best start to the day x

  32. I love it when those two pink lines appear on the pregnancy test and you know that you’re expecting your first baby – eek! Can’t wait!

  33. I love it when my baby girl is wearing brand new snuggly cuddly fluff that looks good and is not adding to landfill.

  34. I love it when our little one wakes up and then asks for ‘bix bix’ and is always so excited by the sight of her breakfast bowl!

  35. I love it when my daughter squeals ‘mama’ in delight, when she spots me coming to collect her at nursery!

  36. I love it when I think of all the nappies and wipes that HAVEN’T gone to landfill because we use reusables…

  37. I love it when my children ask me to tell them the funny things they did as a baby. So many stories! And so many more memories to share when my baby grows older and asks for his stories 🙂

  38. Have shared with friends (who are under strict instructions that if they win, they have to share with me!).

  39. I love it when the sun is shining and I have a line full of fluffy nappies drying on the washing line.

  40. I love it when… I get all excited about nappies. Not many people understand, but I still love them!

  41. I love it when Daniel (13months) crawls at high speed across the room, climbs up my legs and kisses me then squeals with delight before crawling at high speed back to his toys :0)

  42. I love it when… someone makes a negative comment about cloth and within 5 minutes I have them converted!

  43. I love it when my 15m old gets hold of a few nappies and starts flapping them about it the air with a look of pure delight on her wee face:-)

  44. I love it when my four year old tries to change my little 10 months olds nappy – what a mess, but it made me laugh and laugh. Also when he used a flip nappy as a bib for the baby.

  45. I love it when i get kissed from my baby girl but she just blows raspberrys when Daddy leans in for a kiss.

  46. I love it when I see my toddler looking more happy and comfortable and I love it even more when I know I am saving mother’s earth by using a reusable nappy instead of disposable.

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