Competition! Win a gorgeous Snuggle suit

Snowsuit Competition

CONGRATULATIONS  to Kirsty (comment No. 2)  who is the lucky winner of our  ‘Snuggle Suit’Competition! More competitions coming soon…………………  this competition is now closed

At Babi Pur towers we’ll be getting loads of scrummy new Organic Baby Clothes for Autumn over the next few weeks and we’ve have teamed up with Organics for Kids to offer this great prize.  A luxuriously soft organic cotton Snuggle suit made in the UK.  The winner can chose from 6 colours and 2 sizes.  To enter, all you have to do is answer the following question by commenting below “Which is your favourite toy from the toys section on our website?”

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All entries need to be with us before midnight on Wednesday 25th of August 2010


  1. Love the look of those snowsuits (esp. the purple & pink)

    Our favorite toy from the toys section also has to be Sophie the Giraffe (even though we love Plan Toys too); both my kids (now 4 and 2) had one from birth and it was their favorite teething toy! I already bought another one for bump #3 due in 2 months 🙂

  2. Sophie the giraffe of course because i am French. i had one when i was a kid and now my daughter has one.

  3. haha we all love Sophie the Giraffe!!! both my boys have one.

    However, I love the ‘Organic Softies – Pullalong Dog’ – very cute!

  4. easy rider bike is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave! i really need to buy the blue one when baba is older

  5. The baby walker, I love the fact that it is a new twist on an old favourite! Will have to get one of these for my little one!

  6. I love the Plan Toys Baby Walker. Just what I’m looking for for my almost-toddler! Also love the wooden rocking horses (less sure about the sheep though – a bit scary looking!).

  7. I lurve anything knitted at the moment and will be turning my baby into the ‘knitted character’ from Harry Hill if I’m not careful!! So my fave toy has to be the Knitted Toy Cupcakes / Fairy Cakes and they happen to be in my favourite colours too. Who says all the toys need to be for the kids!?

  8. The Victorian dolls house – I have always wanted one but have no excuse to buy one at the moment as I have two boys!!

  9. I love all of the City Plan wooden toys, I want to fill a whole room with them and build one whole massive city!

  10. The Plan City stuff…. especially the road and rail adventure with the mountains! I can’t wait till Arthur is old enough to have one…. is 8 months too young?? hehe… So much cooler, longer lasting and better looking then the plastic equivilent.

  11. My favourite toy is the Rocking Lamb – Kerry Hill. I wish i’d had one when i was little, infact i want one now!

  12. I love the dolls house and furniture. Very diverse and ethically made, good value also. As the soon to be mother of a mixed race child, these houses promote diversity that is a must in teaching children how to mix and about their background. I will be buying one once bubs arrives.

  13. Since I can’t afford a grown up one I’d so love to have the Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House : )

  14. Robyn loves Sophie the Giraffe- always guaranteed to make her smile! She’s got a few more toys from you for her birthday this week- I’m hoping that she likes those just as much!

  15. just found this site on facebook from a friend its great am also following u on twitter love the products so cute

  16. I like the wooden sea puzzle best but it was very difficult to choose! So many gorgeous gift ideas.

  17. The ‘Stripy Organic Baby Sneeky Rattle’! Or maybe the ‘Stripy Organic Comforter’. I love the whole range… super soft 🙂

  18. I love the Let’s Pretend tea set – my little 11 month old granddaughter has already started trying to feed us with her spoon! Every child (girl or boy) likes to do this.

  19. J’adore Sophie! My friend sent me a Sophie the Giraffe, and I LOVE It. (Hope our baby does too when she arrives…). It reminds me of a toy I had when I was a kid, which was actually MY mum’s…

  20. I love the Wooden Fire Engine Walker. A sensible ‘toy’ to push, pull and store other toys, made of wood, brightly painted and will help my son learn to walk.

  21. The Keptin Jr Organic tag Blanket. My baby daughter is completely fascinated by any little labels she can find. This would be great!

  22. I would love to win one of these. My nephew in Australia and his wife are expecting a baby in December. I bet no-one will have one of these in Oz!

  23. The ‘Deluxe’ Plan Toys Dolls house set is my absolute favourite- I would have been in heaven when I was younger if id have had it!!

  24. My favourite toy is the wooden ice cream set, we came to the shop for the first time last week when on holiday in Wales and bought them. The wooden ice cream’s were a great help to pass the time with my 3 year old daughter in a caravan when it was vary rainy outside!!

  25. I just love the Rag Dolls, I can’t pick a favourite though as they are all cute. Ok, maybe the Roseanne one 🙂

  26. I love the Organic Softies – Overall Bear, it’s gorgeous my cousin is pregnant and due in Dec I’d love to buy her one. It was a tough choice hough. I loved it all!

  27. Love everything – however, the Rocking Sheep Black Welsh Ram is fun and different from the usual white rocking sheep on the market.

  28. Wooden Childs Bike – Early Rider Classic Blue 2010

    How cool is that 😀 can see my little man driving around on that one hehe

  29. My favourite has to be Sophie the Giraffe – I’ve already decided to buy one for my new baby when it arrives in October!

  30. WOW how cute…thanks i have tweeted also a fan on facebook & have shared on my wall,newsletter subscriber..fab fab fab thank-you,good luck to all

  31. I like the Kitchen – Refrigerator/Fridge toy, and think wooden toys are the better quality ones, especially the play food.

  32. Favourite toy is the large noahs ark ,its so colourful lots of animals to play with ,keeps them amused for hours

  33. Another huge fan of Sophie the Giraffe. I was sceptical of it and thoguht it looked like a dog’s toy but son adored it!

  34. I’m really tempted by the Fairtrade wooden London taxi cab – my dad used to drive one in London so it’s a nostalgic as well as an aesthetic and ethical choice…that has to be my current favourite. (Though each time I check your toys I see more and more great ones!)

  35. I love the Plan Toys Victorian Dolls House Deluxe Set, I think I might get a bit possessive of it if we had one here!!!

  36. I like the grandparents for the dolls house best because you can’t get them anywhere else – its such a great idea!

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