Cloth Nappy Night Time Challenge

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Many of us don’t go all cloth immediately. We start using it at home and only during the day. The search for the perfect night time nappy is often the last step is having our babies in full time cloth.

Obviously, a huge concern for a nappy that our babies will wear for about 12 hours is absorbency. Even as their milk consumption reduces at night, over 12 hours, most babies will still soak through daytime nappies.

We’ve tested and tried a whole bunch of different nappies and here are our best suggestions for a dry night!

Top picks:

Milovia wrap and insert: This is my top pick, because it is such a slim option. I really didn’t believe it would last the night. Our 6 month old still wakes 2-3 times a night for feeds, but 12 hours later, she was still dry. The stay dry layer meant that she didn’t have any irritation either. We used a large insert, even though a medium would be suggested for day time use at her age. If your baby is big enough for a large insert for daytime use (over a year old), boosting it with a small or medium insert could bring up the absorbency to what you need.

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Close Pop-In: This is our current night nappy. The Pop Ins consist of an outer waterproof shell and two inserts that snap in with poppers. Before our daughter was 4 months old, we were able to use the nappy with just the included bamboo soaker and booster and it would last the night. Now we use the night boosters and never have any leaks. These are also champions for containing any early morning explosions. If you’re using this without the night booster, use a fleece liner to keep your little one’s skin dry. The night booster has an integrated fleece lining.

pop in

Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch and Wrap: This is a classic fitted nappy and wrap, which is the most trusted night nappy combination. The Bamboozle Stretch is a bamboo fitted nappy. A snap in booster is included. Because it’s made entirely of bamboo, a waterproof wrap is required to go over it. Tots Bots have two wraps available: the newer Stretchy wrap is very generously sized but the leg elastics can be a bit loose on younger babies. I found the older Flexiwrap to be better for us and they are still available. This is a fantastic night nappy combination as well, but is significantly bulkier than the Milovia and the Close Pop In. With the Bamboozle, a fleece liner is a must to keep your baby’s skin irritation-free.

bamboozle test

BumGenius Flip and Bigger Weeds hemp insert: We tried the Flip with every insert and combination imaginable. The Flip cover is a water proof cover that you can use with any number of different inserts. While they sell a night insert, we found that inadequate on its own and too bulky combined with other inserts. The Bigger Weeds hemp insert, however, did the full 12 hours on its own. It wasn’t trim, like the Milovia, but it wasn’t comically bulky either. Hemp is another natural fabric, so a fleece liner is also a must if you’re leaving your baby in it for 12 hours. Honourable mention: the Tots Bots super booster also works very well with the Flip cover. It’s a little bulkier than the hemp but it’s a very soft and comfortable feeling fit.

flip with big weed.fw

The following nappies lasted at least 10 hours but didn’t make it to the 12 hour finish line. They may well work for your baby.

Tots Bots Easyfit V4 – The normal nappy works as a night time nappy with just the included snap-in booster. We got a good 10 hours and even after 12, she was only a little wet on her back. Many people swear by this as their night nappy solution, so it’s worth a try.

EF4review.fw  Totsbots Easyfit V4 review

Wonderoos V3 – Using the bamboo and microterry inserts together, the Wonderoo was a reasonably trim and secure fit. Baby was dry at 10 hours but wet at 12. Still, if you have one for daytime, it’s worth giving it a try, especially if your baby takes fewer than 2 night feeds.

These nappies were just too big to fit our little girl. If you have an older and/or larger baby, these may work for you.

Wonderoos review cute baby.fw  V3 Wonderoos Nappies Review

BumGenius 4.0 with Little Weeds hemp and One-size insert – While this would undoubtedly be absorbent enough for the wettest nights, it gaped around our daughter’s tiny thighs and leaked.

bumgenius with little weed.fw

Tots Bots Easyfit with Superbooster: Again, it would undoubtedly last the night, but make the nappy so bulky it wouldn’t fit.

v4 and super booster


Troubleshooting your night time cloth nappy solution:

If your nappy is leaking, there are a few things you want to check before giving up:

1. Is the fit snug around the thighs? If you’ve over boosted and the nappy is too bulky, the gaps around the thighs will cause leaks even if it’s absorbent enough.

2. Tight vests. Night nappies are usually bulkier than daytime ones, so if baby’s vest is too tight, it can compress the inserts (especially microfibre or microterry) and cause “compression leaks”. Tight vests can also change the fit around the thighs and cause gaping. We keep a night time stash of vests in the next size up.

3. Girls leaking at the back and boys leaking in the front can mean you need to move the inserts or fold them so they double up in those heaviest-wet areas.

If your baby’s skin is red in the mornings, try a fleece liner. The fleece helps keep the wetness away from her skin.

Have you tried any of these before? What do you use at night? Hit the comments if you have any questions about any of these (or others!).


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5 Responses

  1. Claire Ralph says:

    I use fuzzibunz sized nappies at night with two boosters – the absorption is immense and the fleece inner keeps my daughter totally dry. Never had a leak yet 😀

    Easy fits don’t last the night, leaking around the back every time we pass the 8 hr mark 🙁 great in the daytime tho.

  2. Peony says:

    Thank you for that run down. I’ve only just started trying out nighttime nappies with my 7 month old boy. After hearing about the Easy Fit’s being a good option I tried out some V3’s with bamboo booster and also some V2’s with bamboo booster with good success.

    We’ve had a little wetness around the tummy come morning time (no night feeds) so I’ll have a look at changing the fold.

    I can’t believe that I didn’t try reusables for nighttime before now!

  3. Jacqui says:

    Hi Claire! I haven’t ever tried the Fuzzibunz. I find a lot of the pockets that say to use two inserts are too big around my daughter’s thighs. The Wonderoo was the only one I found that properly worked with two inserts. I’d imagine as they get bigger, those fit better.

    Hi Peony! With the V2 and V3, you can fold differently for girls and boys. Also, with the V2, you should look into a fleece liner to keep the wetness away from his skin. If you’re still getting wetness in the front, I’d really recommend you try a V4. They are far more absorbent than the V3.

    I found our daughter slept better after we switched to cloth. That in itself was enough to ensure we never went back to disposables.

  4. Gen says:

    Hey, thanks for this! My LO is 6 months old and still waking up 2-3 times for feeds herself. I’m trying to get us onto cloth full-time and am going through a few different night nappy options. At the moment, I’m usually using Tots Bots Stretchies, but they always need boosting, so the nappies are effective, but very bulky. Sometimes, I can get away with boosting a Miosolo, although I think that combo will be a car journey nappy soon. But I just got a Milovia pocket nappy a few days ago, so I might bundle the small and medium inserts together and try that out! The Close Pop-In and Wonderoo look tempting too…

  5. Klecia says:

    If your baby is getting red skin in the morning (ammonia burn) I’d recommend getting some raw silk liners to put on top of nappy next to bubs skin – worked brilliantly for us.

    For my toddler, we currently use a color-snap alva with microsuede inner stuffed with 1 microfiber, 1 bamboo and another small skinny bamboo (newborn/small insert) with a raw silk liner on top (not too bulky and plenty absorbent enough). My 7 month old just has a sunbaby with 1 microfibre and 1 bamboo insert (I’ve never had to use silk liners on him yet – he’s never had a rash/redness or used any creams etc).

    Another combo that’s super trim is a BG elemental/organic (I only have the new version) with a softbums staydry superpod laid on top (this was ‘sposie trim’ on my 21 month old and lasted all night no problem) – I’ve only tried it on my toddler though. For a younger bub/lighter wetter you could use the staydry pod without the booster snapped on (this would be even trimmer, very absorbent, and gives that ‘staydry’ feeling).

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