Cloth Nappies – Council Incentives

If your looking into trying cloth nappies then it’s worth looking into whether your local council offer any incentives.

Incentives can come in many formats:

Cashback on nappies purchased
These involve sending off receipts to the council as proof of purchase and you may receive a portion or % of money back on amount spent or on a set spend amount. eg. £25 cashback on min £50 spend.

Subsidised kits
You council may offer a set of nappies at a greatly subsidised price. These may be brand specific or a variety of brands.

Limited trials
There may be an incentive to use a council run/sponsored laundry service at a cut price or free. Nappy services will provide the nappies.


A trial set of nappies might be loaned for a limited period to help you make a decision.

Voucher schemes
You may be offered a voucher to spend at an online shop – do check that the store accepts the vouchers first.

Please do remember to check out your council website before buying, as anything towards the initial set up costs of cloth nappies is helpful.

Moneysaving expert has a handy list of all the councils and the type of scheme they offer: Council Incentive list

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I am Mummy to a little boy called Quentin, currently on maternity leave until July 2010 and Nuts about Cloth Nappies.

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  1. I didn’t know there were any incentives on cloth nappies, or nappies in general.

    Thanks on the great find!

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