Close Reusable Breast Pads Review

We asked Cecelia to try out the Close Reusable breast pads..  read Cecelia’s review below…..


The grandparents offered to babysit for a rare night out with the husband.  Our first date since Isla was born 9 months ago.  The first thought on my mind should had been what to wear, instead I worried about missing the 10 pm (ish) feed, what if I flooded the cinema with milk?

I admit I was nervous to try a new pair of breast pads on such night, however I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put them to the test.
I did
Absolutely no leaks!

So let me tell you more about them

The set consists of 6 washable breast pads that come in a very convenient laundry mesh bag- no more loosing pads in the washing machine.  They feel so soft to the touch and are very comfortable to wear, always nice and cool even with all the running around I do every day.

They feature three layers

  1. Next to the breast, a fast wicking polyester that takes away the wetness from the skin
  2. Inside, the absorbent core is soya bean fabric well known for its natural absorbency, softness and thermoregulation properties
  3. Lastly there is a full layer of waterproof laminate, with a “seal to skin” binding that keeps the pads in place. This is such a good feature because they don’t bunch up nor do they get lost in the bra.
  • So very slim and very discreet, with no real visible lines under clothes
  • Very fast drying, hung them up last thing at night and they were dry first thing in the morning
  • They absolutely keep their shape after continuous washing
  • My favourite feature is their natural ‘tear’ shape, not round as other brands

close breastpads next to other brand


  • They mould so perfectly to the breast, they really do!

close breastpad2


The water test
I carried out little experiment and put the pads to the test, admittedly the pictures aren’t great, but with three children keeping me busy these are the best I could get.
I placed the pad on an absorbent sheet and poured 5 mls of water on the close pop in pad to simulate milk ejection (precariously, I know).

close on paper.fw

The result: no wetness on the sheet.
I then poured 50 mls (2 oz) of water on the breast pad (that is a LOT of fluid)

close on paper.fw


The result: no wetness on the sheet.

The above experiments demonstrates what I have experienced in real life and give me peace of mind that I can enjoy my days without worrying about leaking boobs when I have the close pop in breast pads on!

The ‘Buts’

  •  The outer layer on the close pop in pads seem to attract fluff, a lot of it, although of course this doesn’t affect its performance.
  • They are a perfect size for my ‘fuller’ breasts, although I cannot say for sure, they may be on the big side for those with smaller cup sizes.
  • I find I need 4 pairs of breast pads per day, so having a pack coming with 3 pairs wouldn’t meet my daily requirements ( a good excuse to buy some more)

Overall the close pop in pads are excellent and tick all the boxes, despite some minor ‘buts’ described above. Having breastfed my other 2 children into toddlerhood and intending to do the same with Isla; I have been breastfeeding for many years on/off and have tried so many brands of both disposables and washable pads. Close pop in breast pads are by far my favourite, I thoroughly recommend them and I so wish I had tried them earlier.



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