Close Pop-in Swim Nappy Review

 Close Pop-in Swim Nappy Review


Water is amazing for babies. Someone once told me “if your baby is upset, put her in water” and it works every time. We use her bath recreationally but she’s also had “swimming lessons” in an actual pool. The babies all have so much fun.

But did you know that if someone poos in a pool, they have to evacuate the pool, drain it, clean the pool and then refill and reheat the pool before it can be used again?

Swim nappies ensure your baby does not shut down the pool for the day while she’s having her fun.

The first thing you should know about swim nappies is they do not absorb wee. If your baby is in a swim nappy and she wees, you’ll get wet. That’s because anything worn in the water cannot be absorbent because it will just soak up the water and weigh your baby down, which isn’t helpful (or safe — if you’ve ever fallen off a boat wearing normal clothes, you’ll know what I mean!). So we have swim nappies whose only job is containment.

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We were really excited to try the new Close Parent swim nappies in the new prints. When we got it, I was convinced it was too big for our Skinny Minny baby, even though we did get the right one for her size.
Was I ever wrong. The nappy fit like a glove. The waistband and leg bands really do hug tightly to the skin, which is exactly what it should do. It’s also exceptionally cute.

And yes, she did pee wearing it, and I did get wet.

The instructions suggest a disposable liner inside to make clean up easier if your baby does actually have a poo, and that’s a really good suggestion because getting the wet swim nappy off is a little awkward.
You could also just take it off in the showers, which would take care of any mess.All in all, the Close Parent swim nappy is cute and fits well, so it’s perfect for swimming lessons or hitting the beach. Just carry your baby well wrapped in a towel so you don’t get wee’d on!


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