Close Pop-in Newborn Nappies

Close Pop-in Newborn nappies – they’re HERE!

Pop-in newborn nappy

Newborn nappy next to the birth to potty Pop-in and a look inside.

Newborn cloth nappies, they look cute but they’re pretty expensive right!…..  Wrong!

Close have come come up with another clever product that make newborn nappies more appealing and practical.  Put your baby in cloth from day 1 with the Pop-in newborn nappy!

This Close newborn pop-in nappy pack retails for £39.99 and includes 6 covers and 10 inserts making each nappy effectively £4.00.  If you bought 2 of these packs and used the nappies for 10 weeks the cost would be similar to that of disposable nappies for the same period depending on the brand.  That doesn’t take into account the fact you could sell them on afterwards or keep them for your next baby.

You don’t necessarily need newborn nappies, birth to potty nappies fit from around 7lbs, however they can be a bit bulky and some parents will prefer to use a smaller on their newborn.  Plus they are incredibly cute!

The Pop-in Newborn nappy is designed to be used right from birth on a newborn or premature baby.  The nappy has a wipeable cover with an absorbent insert so if the cover isn’t soiled you can simply wipe it and change the insert.  Each insert has two sides with 100% natural soya fabric one one side and stay dry suede fleece on the other, so you choose which is best for your baby.  The natural soya fabric will feel wet to the touch whereas the stay dry polyester fabric keeps wetness away from the skin.

Pop-in newborn

Other features include a contoured front so the nappy sits below the umbilical cord, scaled down Pop-in nappy design double leg gusset, velcro closure and waterproof leak stoppers at both ends.

We think the Pop-in Newborn nappy is a really well thought out nappy that’s both practical and affordable.  For the full Close range of Pop-in nappies and accessories head over to Babipur now.

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