Close Parent Pop-in Bamboo & Tote Bags (Mama McCann’s diary of Cloth)

I love, love, love this nappy!

The nappy comes in four lovely pastel colours and white. I just have to complete my collection with Duck Egg and Coconut.

The absorbency of this nappy makes it ideal for a night time nappy. I called Jolene from Babi Pur for advice on which nappies to try and she suggested we try the Close Parent Pop in bamboo nappy.  Bamboo is really absorbent, this shows in the length of drying dry it needs. This is the only reuable I’ve tried that needs two days drying time but for me that just highlights how absorbent it is. The nappy has a double gusset and so far in about two months we’ve not had any leakages!

It’s worth having at least two of the nappies to allow for the drying time and so you don’t have to do a daily wash but they are priced very reasonably.

We also have the Pop In Tote bags in size small and medium. The small size is perfect to be sent with Fizz to nursery or being out and about for a day as it can fit a days worth of nappies. The medium is perfect for at home. It hangs in the toilet and fits around two days worth of nappies. They are also colourful and stripey meaning your bag will always stand out compared to the plain totes normally used with reusables. They keep any smells in the bag so no need to worry about using any oils to dilute the smell of dirty nappies.

The Pop In liners are really good too. Our first set of liners were a non branded liner. The Pop In Liner was thinner fitting into the nappy and not spilling out of the gusset (we had found this with another liner and it created leakage gaps).

I have to say I have become a big fan of the Pop In and I have hoping to complete my collection of colours soon!


  1. This might sound shallow, but… I’m put off by the boring colours. I like my nappies bright! I wonder if they have any plans to release some in brighter colours or prints?

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