Babi Pur Ethical Christmas Toy Guide 2014

Christmas gift guide 2014 - Ethical toys

Christmas gift guide 2014 – Ethical toys

Have a feel good Christmas with Babipur… Great quality ethically sourced toys for babies and children. This is our ultimate Christmas toy guide 2014….

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas. We’re getting so excited here in Babi Pur towers, I’ve even started singing Christmas songs already. We all  have such fond memories of Christmas as children, walking up before the whole family to take a peek in Santa’s sack.. wondering who had the biggest or most exciting present. We always looked forward to that one special present – the ultimate Christmas toy.

Here are some ultimate Christmas toys that your little one will just love –

1. All Seasons House (3+ years)

hape all seasons house

A hard wearing 3 story house by Hape. The house is colourful house has a front door, hanging lights, movable stairs, solar panels on the roof and a cosy fire place. All 6 rooms come fully equipped with furniture to fill the kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and media room to make a house a home. Every room is brightly decorated and with accessibility from all sides it’s a great toy for you little one to play with their friends and family. If it didn’t already sound like the best dolls house ever we have special multibuy offer on this year where you can add your accessories to the house at a great price. Choose from a dolls family, baby room, family car, playground, children’s room and family pets.

2. Discovery Spaceship and Lift Off Rocket (3+ years)

hape spaceship and lift off rocket

“Huston, we have lift off.” Standing at a tall 74cm, this spaceship and has 4 layers of fun for kids to explore. The spacecraft has an elevator to take the astronauts to the different levels and up to a smaller “lift off” rocket at the top. This is a great quality toy with all the accessories to learn about outer space and the universe beyond, you might even be lucky enough to spot an alien! The box includes the spaceship and rocket, 2 astronauts, robot, solar refuling station, launch pad, tool box, cargo truck, a mini kitchen and plenty more to keep children and grown ups entertained for hours. Recommended 3 years +

3. Hape Fire Station & Fire engine (3+ years)

hape fire station

Nee Nah Nee Nah! Save the day with this great quality fire station and fire truck. Ring the bell, slide down the pole, roll up the garage door, hop in the truck and zoom off to fight those fires. Three levels of fun include a gym, kitchen and sleeping quarters for the fire fighters to relax. Add the hape fire truck with fire fighter to complete your station. Recommended 3 + years.

4. Janod Garage  (2+ years)

janod garage

This beautiful wooden garage comes with everything you need. Operate the lift with the big child friendly knob to take the cars to the 3 different levels and then drive down the ramps. Land the helicopter on the helipad right at the top and full the cars with fuel at the petrol pump at the bottom. Why not add some more little vehicles for more fun? This great quality toy is suitable from 2 years and is sure to be a favourite for many years.

5. Early Rider Lite (2+ years)

early rider lite

Weighing a ‘lite’ 3.25kg, this Early Rider is an ideal first bike of great quality that is perfect for helping your little ones learn to balance at their own pace whilst playing. Suitable from just 20 months, this wooden bike has adjustable steering that can be changed when your child builds their confidence.  Our little ones at Babipur loved their Early Rider bikes, such great fun!

6. Spherovelo (9+ months)


This ride on toy is certainly revolutionary. The spheres, not wheels, allow your little one to zoom and roll around in every direction and is a great encouragement to start pushing themselves around and develop balance. As your child’s confidence grows, remove the caster so your child can learn how to lean into corder and develop balance and is a great way for your little one to gain confidence. And it’s fun too! Choose from 4 different colours – red, green, blue and white.

We here at Babi Pur stock the whole Early Rider range with bikes all the way up the 6 years of age. Head over a take a look.

7. Janod Rock n Go Rocking Horse (12+ months)

janod rock n go rocking horse

A rocking horse is one of those traditional Christmas toys we all love and this brightly coloured horse puts a modern spin on a classic. Children love the rocking motion and the handy rubber stoppers prevent them from rocking too far whilst protecting your floors. With a felt mane, tale and saddle for added texture and comfort. This funky Janod is suitable from just 12 months.

8. Bird Walker (10+ months)

paln toys bird walker

Push this walker a long and watch the birds peck up and down and listen to the chirping sound – great encouragement for early walkers. The walker comes in 16 colourful building blocks to stack and build all kinds of different creations. Recommended from just 10 months, this unique walker grows with your little one as the handle is adjustable. Made from eco-friendly and ethical materials, this Plan Toys walker is the perfect gift for parents who care about the planet and environment.

9. Haba Prams (12+ months)

haba prams

These stunning wooden prams make a lovely traditional Christmas gift. Made to the highest standard, they’re perfectly proportioned for your little one to push their dolls around in and a great encouragement for young walkers. With wooden wheels and rubber threads and beautiful bedding detail, they’re suitable from just 12 months. No dolls pram would be complete without a doll, and Haba have a lovely selection of dolls to match.

10. My First Ball Track Large Mirror Marvel (18+ months)

haba my first ball track

Marble tracks are great fun, but those small part aren’t so friendly for younger children. That’s why this ball track, with the bigger balls and bigger track, is a great introduction to marble runs and is suitable from just 18 months. This pack features a large see through marble that creates some magical effects when it lands on the mirror block. Made in Germany, Haba toys are made to a high standard using sustainable materials and non toxic paints.

11. Haba Large Sound Workshop (12+ months)

haba large sound workshop

This is a wonderful sound workshop by environmentally friendly toy makers Haba is a brilliant introduction into the wonderful world of music and sound. Children have lots of fun learning to recognise the different sounds and melodies. The set includes mini magic flute, drum, 3 note matalaphone, rattle stick, two beaters, castanets, rain maker and 4 acoustic blocks – rattling, squeezing, bell and jingle bell.

12. Cook n Serve Kitchen (3+ years)

coock n serve 2.fw

Let your creative imagination run wild in this beautiful kitchen. Including a sink, two hobs an oven and handy hooks to tidily store those kitchen essentials, the possibilities are endless. With a pull out counter for extra work space and a chalk board to display the days specials your budding chefs will have everything they need to set up their own cafe or restaurant. Add other popular Hape items with the special multibuy offer to complete the kitchen. Choose from – Chefs Choice, Starter Set, Toaster, Garden Salad, Healthy Salad and a Fridge.

13. Hape Gourmet Kitchen (3+ years)

hape gourmet kitchen white saver pack Hape Gourmet Toy Kitchen Saver Sets

Hape Gourmet Kitchen saver pack – take advantage of our big pack offer on the popular Hape kitchen.  Save £35.90 and get everything you need for a complete play kitchen experience.

14 Lanka Kade Castle & Soldiers (3+ years)

Lanka Kade Castle

Rule the Kingdom with this great quality wooden toy castle. This Lanka Kade Castle  is beautifully crafted from solid wood and has a working drawbridge and portcullis.  Medieval battles will be fought in every room of the house, knights charging on horseback and archers firing from the ramparts. Great quality fair trade and sustainable toys. Super!

15 Wooden Noah’s Ark Toys (3+ years)

toy noahs ark

Noah’s Arks are always a popular gift, often treasured for many years and passed onto family and friends or even kept for the next generation.  We have a wide range of Noah’s arks to offer here at Babi Pur, all ranging in different designs, sizes and prices.  Our Lanka Kade Ark’s are brilliantly colourful and each piece is hand painted.  A lovely way to tell the story and children love to play and learn about the animals.  The Haba “my first Noah’s Ark”  is a great option for younger children as it’s suitable from just 18 months.


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