Christmas shopping Guide – Eco toys for babies 0-12 months

Ten of our favourite eco friendly and safe toys for babies under 12 months

Our list consists of 10 lovely toys which would be ideal for any baby’s first Christmas.  All of the toys are of high quality and made from sustainable and safe materials.  The wooden toys are painted using non-toxic vegetable dyes which are  safe for babies to to suck and chew on. Also, the cotton toys are dyed using low impact, environmentally  friendly & safe dyes.  Click on the links below to buy on-line

1. Little Hathi Fairtrade Mini Owl Rattles buy now! £7.99

2. Little Hathi Mini Octopus Rattle buy now!  £7.99

3. Keptin Jr Knotties –  Organic Ellie Comforter buy now!  £14.29

4. Sophie the Giraffe buy now!  £12.49

5. Little Hathi Organic Bunny rattle buy now! £10.99

6. Plan Toys Clapping Roller buy now! £5.99

7. Plan Toys Baby Walker buy now!  £39.99

8. Keptin Jr Organic Sneeky rattles buy now! £10.50

9. Plan Toys Baby Car buy now! £8.99

10. Little Hathi Large Crochet Diplodocus buy now! £41.99

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3 Responses

  1. Helen Barker says:

    Robyn loves her Sophie! I was a bit skeptical at first but she loves chewing it, so it’s great when she’s teething (which is all the time, I think!).

  2. Sarah L N says:

    I love the octopus rattle! I have a plan toys train that my 7 month old loves to knock over as I build it. I love that it’s wood and safe for him to chew on (which he does constantly!).

  3. Catalina Iordache says:

    I love the baby wooden walker! My 10 moths old boy tried a similar one in a shop and he was very enthusiastic. So, this is on our wish list 🙂

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