Christmas Gifts for Parents

Busy Parents

Christmas is a particularly busy time of year. A time we often neglect ourselves. We are so desperately wanting to make it a special time for our loved ones. Busily organising gifts, sewing costumes for the school play, batch cooking for the festive few days, or just generally running around in the manic way we always do all year round! Whether you are shopping for new parents, a pregnant mum to be, a mother or father in law, your own mum or dad or even yourself, we have a lovely selection of unique and ethical gifts to suits all tastes. No doubt we all know an amazing person in our lives that deserves a treat (or two).

Beautiful picture of Osthemier from Muhsine Emin

Something to Relax

One thing us parents  don’t get much time for, is relaxing. We are good at making sure everyone else is we’ll catered for, but when it comes to our own needs, it can get a little lost. When life is busy, and time is rushing by day after day, we need to remind ourselves to take a break. We need a ‘pause’ button. Often we are tied up in the past, full of self doubt, and worries about the future. It is good to remind ourselves to focus on being in the moment. In meditation and mindfulness, it is believed that focussing on a word, phrase, image or object can help us to produce a state of calm. This increases both mental alertness and supports the relaxation of other body systems. Ultimately resulting in a calmer, happier you. The Bajo pebbles are a perfect ‘object’ for focus and calm. They are smooth, tactile and calming colours, the smaller ones can be easily transported. The Grimm’s relaxing bird is the perfect size to pop in your bag or take to work. It is smooth and natural, but has a range of surfaces to run your hands over to be the subject of your focus.

One thing you can be sure of, is that something relaxing from our skincare range will always be welcomed by the busy mum in your life. Sometimes, it’s enough just knowing that someone has thought of you. One of our newest products is the gorgeous range from Mia & Dom, which is developed with passion and love by Jennifer Feltham. If the Christmas mayhem is getting on top of you, perhaps a little bit of Calming Remedy, with a blend of geranium and frankincense essential oils, should help you feel more positive and relaxed. As mums, we can often be very tough on ourselves and feel like we aren’t doing the ‘best job’ that we should be. The reality is, we are all doing the best job we can, every single day and we are all different, so need to be kind to ourselves. The lovely mood enhancing remedy might give you the boost you need. It is made with neroli to help calm your emotions and lift your mood. It is ideal for those moments you feel anxious and contains rosewood, which is a natural anti-depressant. Perhaps a nice bath oil or foot rub to finish your day, might just do the trick.

Something to Celebrate

Some of the beautiful ‘toys’ we stock here at babipur are designed for the whole family to enjoy together. Our Grimm’s Celebration rings are something to be treasured by anyone and everyone. If you haven’t already been introduced to the idea, a celebration ‘ring’ is inspired by the Waldorf Steiner education movement and encourages mindfulness. It advocates a more thoughtful, creative at an unhurried pace of life. It is a way to celebrate the four seasons, birthdays, family occasions, advent, Christmas and other religious and cultural events. Many people use them throughout the year, others bring them out for particular a occasion. We see beautiful uses for them throughout the year such as, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, mother’s day. Sometimes, to remember someone that is fondly in our hearts. They make beautiful gifts and can be very simple, adding pieces as time passes. Often they are decorated with items of sentimental value or pieces of nature reflecting the season.

Thanks to (clockwise from top left) Rach Brydon, Sarah Ojar, Mel Keable, Emma Stansfield and Louise Howell

Something just for you

At Babipur, we have some hidden treasures that may be the perfect gift for someone special in your life. Do you know a bird lover? Our Plan Toys bird feeder or bird house could be the perfect thing to while away the hours, watching some feathery friends. Take a moment for some fresh air, to sit in the garden and listen to melodic calm of a beautiful wind chime.

Thanks to Annabel McLoughlin for the lovely wind chime picture and to Gemma Baker for the beautiful bird and Snowdrop

The Respiin bowls make a lovely addition to any room in the house. These gorgeous, sustainable and inivitive bowls are made from recycled and renewable materials. They provide good quality employment in India and Bangladesh, are made from sustainable plantations so kind to the planet too.

Thanks to Jo Worral and Gemma baker for these lovely pictures of the Resiin bowls

If you know someone that is keen to reduce their single use plastics, perhaps a practical but very eco gift would make their Christmas! We have a wide range of beautiful, practical and sustainable reusable gifts for the conscious consumer in your life. Or maybe, you would like to encourage family members, friend or colleagues to make subtle changes by encouraging them with reusable gifts? From Stainless steel straws, Klean Kanteen, food pouches and containers to reusable cleansing pads and menstrual pads, you really are spoilt for choice.

Picture by Gemma Baker


Whatever happens this Christmas, try to find your ‘pause’ button. Take some time, be kind to yourself. You are doing an amazing job, every single day.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Team Babipur x



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  1. Jo Worrall says:

    Beautiful post! Lots of fab ideas

  2. Heather Calver says:

    Thanks Jo x

  3. Mell says:

    Wishing I could crochet right now – snow balls and rainbow toadstools on my list to make so far – love the ideas here – bought some relaxing stuff for other people but not myself… all natural ingredients?

  4. Heather Calver says:

    They are lovely aren’t they! Jo Worral can crochet anything 🙂 Yes, absolutely, all natural and organic ingredients in Mia & Dom x

  5. Alex kerr says:

    Keeping this for next year!

  6. Serena says:

    Love the Bajo pebbles, they look like they’d be good for meditation, prayer or mindfulness!

  7. Steph Foley says:

    Saving some of these ideas for my January birthday!

  8. Emily Lucas says:

    I didn’t know you had things for the garden! I’m very tempted by the bird feeder!! The Respiin bowls are gorgeous, I gave them to my mum for Christmas!!

  9. Emma says:

    It made me smile to see my photo included ? The Mia and Dom products look lovely, can’t wait to try them in the new year.

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