bumGenius V4 Review by Sophie

bumGenius 4.0 Review

This review of the popular bumGenius 4.0 from little Sophie is so fantastic we just had to post it here.  A big thanks to Sophie and her mum Laura.

“The postman knocked on our door and I couldn’t understand why Mummy got so excited to see him. It’s not like it was Daddy, or anyone like that.

Turned out she was so excited to see him because he’d bought her my new BumGenius 4.0. Personally I quite liked my V3s, couldn’t see the fuss over this new version. I became determined to out-poo it. That’d show her. I ate a whole box of raisens as the nappy dried on the line in preparation.
When Mummy put the nappy on me I was cross. It was really really comfy and felt nice against my bum, but I was cross because these new poppers meant that I could no longer perform my ‘nappy magic’ trick (taking it off and hiding it in the best place I could before Mummy noticed I wasn’t wearing a nappy anymore). These snaps wouldn’t budge!
I became even more determined to out-poo it.
I decided to fall asleep without warning. This would throw Mummy as she didn’t have a chance to change my nappy before nap time. I slept for 2 hours. I knew that would worry Mummy as we’d had leaks before this way. I was very annoyed to wake up to find the V4 had not leaked one single bit.
I decided to out-poo it there and then.
Mummy came in just as I was putting my plan into action. Good, I thought, now she’ll see that these things are rubbish and put me back in my old V3 with applix. I pooed like I’ve never pooed before.
The damn thing contained it!! All of it!! Not one little leak!
So now I’m stuck in these things. Mummy is insistant. Some you win, some you lose. I’ve decided to accept this because there’s no point in fighting it anymore. Plus did I mention how super dooper comfortable they are on my baby bum?
I might not be able to remove my own nappy anymore, thus I am no longer able to hide my nappy in obscure locations for Mummy to find. I’ve come to accept this, too. I’ve found something much better to hide instead. Mummy’s car keys!!’

Review by Sophie, aged 14 months.

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  1. Leanne says:

    ha ha ha – soo cute!! Well written! x

  2. Laura says:

    hahahaha that was so cute and honestly, I sometimes think that babies really do think like that!

  3. Ashley says:

    bahaha. that is adorable.

  4. Maria says:

    Tee-hee!! 😀

  5. JulieK says:

    Tres cute! 🙂 Love the perspective!!

  6. Carol says:


  7. Faith says:

    Hilarious review! I too ADORE my 4.0s and so do my munchkins.

  8. Lyn says:

    That is such a cute way to do a review! I love it!

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