bumGenius “Free Time” Preview

bumGenius Freetime

Earlier in the year bumGenius announced a range of new products including the new bumGenius “freetime” nappy which is due to be released in the UK later this year.  From the outside the freetime nappy appears just the same as the bumGenius V4, one size from birth to potty, the same waterproof outer, the colours are the same and you can choose from Hook & Loop or Popper closures.  However open the nappy up and things look rather different.  Inside the freetime nappy are two soaker pads sewn in at opposite ends which each have a stay dry top layer and there’s a soft sued fleece inner layer designed to wick moisture away from baby’s skin.

bumGenius freetime diagram

So the big difference over the bumGenius V4 is that there is no pocket which means NO STUFFING.  Just use, wash, dry and use again . . . . simple.  The bumGenius freetime nappy really could not be easier to use, perfect for childcare and dads!

Key features of the bumGenius freetime

  • One size – poppers on the front adjust the size from birth to potty, 8-35lbs
  • Patented stretchy butterfly tabs with hook and loop or popper fastening give a nice snug fit
  • All in one design, no stuffing
  • Gentle leg elastic around the leg and waist prevent leaks and mess
  • Microfibre inserts sewn in at opposite ends offer customisable absorbency where you need it most
  • Fleece top layer keeps you baby’s bottom dry
The bumGenius freetime will be available in the UK in the coming months and will be available in 15 colours including 2 fantastic prints.  We recently got our hands on this new Sassy red sample and we got to see the prints in real life, and they do look very nice indeed.  More details on the new colours to come shortly 😉
sassy bumGenius




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7 Responses

  1. angela says:

    sassy looks great – nice to see bright colours, do wonder how long it will take to dry

  2. jo says:

    Hi Angela, Compared to other ‘all in one’ nappies the drying time is very good. Our supplier has been testing it and the record so far is 2hr45 on the line on a nice day.. Jo x

  3. Just curious ~ what is the pricing likely to be on these? More, less or comparable to the V4 (which I LOVE). Also I’m a little confused where the ‘fleece’ layer is ~ which I wouldn’t be without? Is the top soaker pad suede fleece on the top (skin-side) ? I’m going to need to see the video to fully understand this one I think!

  4. peter says:

    We don’t know about pricing yet but we will let everyone know as soon as we do. Both soakers have a suede fleece layer on top (skin side), there’s also some fleece stuck inside the nappy with a bit of added absorbency underneath. Hard to describe properly. Imagine a flip nappy cover with two inserts sewn in, one at each end and some fleecy material stuck to the inside of the cover. . . Yes maybe we need a video 🙂

  5. Does it seem to be trimmer than the v4?

  6. Moobug says:

    These looks rather awesome – the rich colours are a bit of a selling point for me (yes, I know I’m fickle!!) but anything that makes the wahsload a little easier to handle is a bonus for me!

  7. Rid says:

    Woohoo you have red, my fave colour. Nice to see dark colours…good for boys when they’re older.

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