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Boba baby carriers were born out of one couples love for travel and adventure and a desire to carry their baby with them. One day Elizabeth Antunovic and her husband Robert packed up and travelled the world with nothing more than 2 suitcases and their two young children. During their inspirational journey they turned the idea for the Boba wrap into a reality.  This love for life and adventure shines through in the Boba product range.  Boba carriers allow you to carry baby comfortably and close giving you the freedom to have your own adventures.

Boba now have three baby carriers in their range: Boba wrap a fantastic stretchy wrap, Boba 4G a soft structured or buckle carrier and the Boba air a unique packable carrier.  This handy chart shows the suitable uses for each carrier.

Boba Wrap



Many people start their babywearing journey with a Stretchy Wrap because they are lovely and comfortable for newborn babies and can even be used on premature babies too. Stretchy wraps are just one piece of material usually made from cotton. The Boba Wrap is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex which is lovely and soft and provides good comfort and support for you and baby. Some people are put off stretchy wraps because they find them daunting but once you have tried one on a couple times they really are so easy and you’ll be a pro in no time! It can be difficult to get any little jobs done when your baby is little so stretchy wraps like the Boba wrap give you more freedom to move around whether indoors or out and about while your baby feels comfortable, happy and safe
The easy infant tying positions will suit the way you move. You can easily breastfeed your baby when at home or out and about without having to make too many adjustments and you certainly won’t have to take your baby out of the wrap.
The Boba wrap comes in a variety of colours and some beautiful patterns so you really can wear your baby in style.

Boba 4G soft structured carrier

boba baby carriers

The Boba 4G and the Boba 4G organic are Soft Structured Carriers. Soft structured carriers resemble backpacks and fasten with straps and buckles around your waist and over your shoulders. They distribute the weight of your baby evenly and can be worn on your front or on your back while supporting your baby in the ergonomically correct ‘frog leg’ position. With all its fantastic features the Boba 4G is a very popular choice with Babi Pur customers…

  • A Snap-on sleeping hood adjusts to fit growing babies and stores easily in zipper pouch when not in use
  • shoulder straps comfortably fit heights 5’0″–6’3”
  • Waistband range reaches 25″–58
  • Additional adjustment straps on either side pull baby closer for quick and easy breastfeeding or extend to offer a little extra space
  • Removable foot straps snap to waist belt to support tired legs and promote a healthy, natural position for baby
  • Elastic bands keep excess strap length neat and tidy
  • Purse strap holder holds extra bags in place with a sturdy snap
  • Easily adjustable chest strap slides up and down so you can find the perfect fit for everybody (and everybody!)
  • Uniquely designed to carefully support your child close to your center of gravity
  • Integrated infant insert easily snaps into two positions (one for 7–10 pounds and one for 10–15 pounds) so it can grow with your child.
  • Body of carrier rises 2″–3″ higher than other brands to accommodate taller heights
  • Multiple pockets (one on the waist has a zipper) for on-the-go storage of credit cards, smart phones and other must-haves

There are three main ways to carry your baby with the Boba 4G – check out these videos which give you a better idea of how the boba carrier works and looks.

[youtube Iztq48IeQo4]

[youtube WkrhPxLPcSA]

[youtube 9mJHjO_Z4TU]

Boba Air Soft structured ‘packable’ carrier

boba air carrier

The Boba Air is a lightweight un-padded portable baby carrier that folds up really small. It’s perfect for occasional use and for taking on holiday with you or for going out on adventures, city days out, trips in the country and long walks. It is small enough to fit in your handbag so very handy for when your little one get tired legs.  The weight range for this carrier is 15-45lbs and can be used as a front and back carrier.

This handy chart shows the suitable uses for each of the Boba carriers in the range.

Boba comparison

We love Boba at Babi Pur

Here at Babi Pur we love the Boba range of carriers and the company ethos. Safely carry your baby in comfort and style.  Babi Pur is an official Boba UK retailer, shop the entire Boba range of carriers and accessories here .   Brighton mum Chelle wrote a good review of the 4g carrier which you can read on her blog here.  For even more information about the Boba range of carriers and carrying positions the US Boba website is helpful too – Boba website


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