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Love your pet but hate plastic? Pets have been amazing companions this year – time to treat them with some awesome eco pet products!

We’re so excited to be adding Beco Pets environmentally friendly pet toys and accessories to our eco pets range at Babipur. Specialising in plastic-free dog toys, Beco Pets are known for their use of sustainably and ethically sourced bamboo, hemp and natural rubber. They aim to cut down plastic waste and pollution that comes from manufacturing regular pet products.

The amount of plastic waste found in our oceans is expected to triple by 2040 to 29 Million metric tonnes.* Cutting unsustainable materials from pet products is just one way we can begin to reduce this waste.

Founded in 2009 by George Bramble and Toby Massey, Beco Pets began with making renewable bowls using bamboo offcuts from a Chinese chopstick factory. The bamboo theme has since stuck and is now a brand staple, being used in their full range of dog and cat food bowls.

Are Bamboo Pet Bowls better than Plastic?

Using bamboo to manufacture pet bowls offers many benefits over the usual plastic alternatives. Ethically sourced in Asia, the bamboo used by Beco Pets provide local farmers with a valuable source of business, growing a material that uses minimal water resources to grow in abundance.

Staggeringly, bamboo grows 30x faster, produces 30x more Oxygen and absorbs 35x more Carbon Dioxide than trees!* As a result, farmers have extra space and resources to produce other things and maximise arable farmland.

These plastic free alternatives are also equally as durable as plastic bowls, but are able to naturally degrade once disposed of.

The deep rigid edges to help keep pet food from spilling, keeping your floors tidy, but they are easily wipeable and dishwasher safe if your pet’s dinner time does get messy. The bamboo bowl range comes in a variety of sizes, colours and designs, suitable for all breeds of dog, and there is even a cat bowl for your feline friends!

Beco Pets don’t only make bamboo pet food bowls! Their versatile range of dog toys include soft toys, hemp rope toys and natural rubber toys. Each of these use eco-friendly materials in totally different ways. With more than 50% of pet owners* buying their pets Christmas and Birthday gifts, this is the perfect opportunity to explore toys that can benefit them and the world we share!

Soft Recycled Plastic Dog Toys

I was certainly surprised to learn that their soft dog toys are made using up to 15 recycled plastic bottles! Michelle the Monkey for example, is incredibly plush considering how plastic bottles normally feel. The hidden squeaker and double stitched seams mean this toy is very durable and perfectly capable of the pulling and biting expected with dog play.

Your dog won’t be able to tell it apart from its regular toys. Their innovative manufacturing methods produce toys that you would not guess are recycled.

Using recycled plastic makes use of waste plastic that is already in our eco-system, slowing the levels of waste making it to landfills and oceans. It also encourages plastic collection and repurposing, giving old products a second life – I’m sure your pets will be thankful when they get a look at these toys!

Sustainably Sourced Hemp Rope Dog Toys

The Hemp Rope options from Beco Pets are best for those active and energetic dogs. The combination of hemp and recycled cotton for their rope makes them incredibly strong and durable.

It’s not just their strength that these toys are known for either – hemp is amazing for dogs oral hygiene! The fibres in the rope help to clean teeth and remove any excess bacteria from your dogs mouth. Unlike plastic toys, hemp rope sheds in small natural microfibres that can pass through your dog naturally if they are ingested so your canines can chew safely as they please. This also stops micro-plastics entering the eco-system as the natural rope can properly degrade.

Various sizes and designs mean that toys like the Hemp Ball and Squeaky Rope suit all kinds of dogs. They have a sturdy weight which makes them great for throwing and tugging so you can really bond with your pet while you play, knowing they’re safe and healthy while they do it.

Much like the bamboo, hemp grows in abundance using minimal water and no pesticides. It also returns 60-70% of nutrients* back to the soil! Consequently, farmers have healthier and more nutrient rich land to work with.

Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber Dog Toys

Rubber toys are amongst some of the most popular for pet owners. However, Beco Pets sustainably harvest their rubber from Hevea (rubber tree). From there they can utilise the natural properties of the material – tough, hardwearing and springy. This makes for an ideal, heavy duty chewing toy.

Beco Pets make sure to encourage chewing with their natural rubber toys. The Treat Ball and Bone feature hollow centres that allow the toy to be stuffed with treats! The squishy rubber and different sizing options makes these great on-the-go toys. Quickly wiped off, floats in water and fits easily in your bag. It’s sure to keep your dog occupied, trying to retrieve the snacks, even when you’re busy.

Even for dogs who love to run, the Natural Rubber Flyer is perfect! This dog-friendly frisbee has a soft smooth rim so your dog can catch and run with this toy pain free. Its balanced weight helps this frisbee fly far and true. The team over at Beco Pets have even considered the picking-up process, adding wavy lip that allows your dog to scoop up this frisbee with ease.

For a fraction extra cost, Beco Pets offer a natural, sustainably and ethically sourced range of rubber dog toys that is beneficial for helping the environment and safe for your dog to enjoy.

Here at Team Babipur we have been very impressed by the smart and stylish products that Beco Pets offer and we look forward to kitting out our pets with some exciting new treats!

Check out the latest range of Beco Pets products at Babipur!

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