Bathtime with Fizz and Baby Boo

When it has been said that there has been an increase in baby eczema it means that more mums (and dads) are becoming more aware of what they place on babies skin from the outset.

With regular baby products/supermarket brands having so many chemical elements to their products how do we really know what to do and what to buy? Not everyone has the time to read up on what could or could not be harming their babies skin.

I have to admit if Fizz has had a problem with her skin I have spoken to Jolene from Babi Pur about it. Her knowledge and willingness to talk through is amazing and very patient.

On the occasion before last two products were recommended to me and we have found that they worked a treat on Fizz’ delicate skin as well as her cradle cap.

Baby Boo Lavender Shampoo not only smells gorgeous but has really helped us in the fight against cradle cap and also bedtime drowsiness. It is not over powering with it’s smell and is really a perfect one for money saving. At £4.99 a little goes a very long way with this bottle!

Baby Boo Bubbly Cleanser (also £4.99) came into our home at a time when Fizz was ready to be interested in washing herself (or rather her tummy and mine) at bathtime. Again it has a really lovely floaty chamomile scent and has been perfect against Fizz’s milky white sensitive skin. I have to say that I have used this a bit too as I love the smell and again it is great value for money as it does really last well.

We’ve used a lot of products recently and to be honest most have some kind of affect on Fizz about two weeks into using. These ones however are brilliant…I’ll be placing another order again soon!

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